Great Men

“Nothing great will ever be achieved without great men, and men are great only if they are determined to be so.”

— Charles de Gaulle, statesman

$1.50 of debt for every $1.00 of GDP for 100 years

$3.00 of debt for every $1.00 of GDP by the Mid-90’s

$6.00 of debt for every $1.00 of GDP by 2006 or 2007

This is not the trajectory of Greatness…

The numbers above, taken from the interview with Reagan’s Budget Director David Stockman linked below, should be frightening enough. But they eclipse “shorts-soiling”-HORROR when you consider the purchasing power of the dollar, rising commodity prices and the ratio trend of workers to retirees!

…BECAUSE we are absent Great Men, we are on the path to ruin!

  • When we were 3 million, they were everywhere. Now we’re 300 million…not so much?
  • When de Gaulle ruled France…there were many. Today even our sports heroes have to dope to be Great!
  • When Stockman served Reagan…there was Reagan & a few more. Today, the Greatest position in the land is held by a FRAUD, with the evidence mounting to support that fact thanks to Sheriff Arpaio! Ann lays it out nicely (Hmm…the Greatness to Debt Correlation Index…very interesting! I wonder if my friends at Zero Hedge have plotted this yet?)

Have you ever stopped to think, “When did Greatness decouple from Courage, Conviction, Principles, Honor, Virtue, Faith, Success and PATRIOTISM?” Could there possibly be another interesting correlation here? Could the fact that these virtuous qualities have been replaced by the demonizing of success over the reward of failure and validation of victimhood? Is our own government in the process of replacing GOD with its own Liberation Theology? The very movement (OWS) they’ve endorsed has declared war on Capitalism and chased it out of Chicago!!!!

The man who promised to Vet the Fraud this time around is suddenly dead…at 43, while those who would assume the throne dance to the mediocre music of compromise on the dance floor of political correctness…where Greatness is no longer welcome!

My heart literally sank this week to watch David Gregory manipulate Eric Cantor like a wooden doll, “journalism” more concerned with the motives of the Sheriff than the established illegitimacy of the President of the United States…and Limbaugh’s apology to the very people who have elevated Fraud to the Throne and sent Greatness packing!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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5 Responses to Great Men

  1. “My heart literally sank this week to watch David Gregory manipulate Eric Cantor…”

    Well, there’s your problem right there, Chip! Expecting Eric “Boehner’s Butt-boy” Cantor not to disappoint.


    Chip… today’s Eric Cantor isn’t the man we thought we knew back in the “old days” any more than Nan Hayworth is the woman we campaigned for back in ’10.

    As to David Gregory…


    One bright spot, however…! Newt took him apart!

    See… this is why Gingrich is our only hope. Only GIngrich has the ability to best the press consistently.

    Santorum? Yeah… he can be combative… but he just comes across as self-righteous.

    Romney? Yep. Even he can mix it up on occasion… but usually at the cost of appearing either petty and thin-skinned or else it appears that his “outrage” was practiced prior to the actual question being posed.

    (And of course it was… just as Gingrich’s was… but Gingrich makes it all look so effortless.)

    Anyway… (*SIGH*)… we’ll keep on fighting from our keyboards and you also from your mic.


    Best regards,


  2. daisyv1223 says:

    Each day I get more disheartened. I was crushed when I woke up and saw that Andrew Breitbart had died. He was our William Wallace! I know there are many others who can get us all ramped up and fighting the good fight, but it just is getting so tiresome when we have candidates who are saying nasty things about each other more than the left! And now Obama is attacking the Church and the left is twisting it into another fight against women. We have a 31 year old woman named Fluke who is going to a $23,000 a year Catholic college and thinks she is entitled for them to pay for her sexual playtime. She is supposed to be learning he three RRR’s , but instead she is going for her three FFF’s fondling, fornicating, and fellatio. I am sick to death of our Republicans sounding like wimps. All they do is sound like whiners. They have no fight to them, no backbone. But Newt Gingrich has been showing backbone, and so has Santorum. Romney has, but he is too damned embarrased to show that he is proud that he has been successful in life. It’s like pulling teeth. They just have to stay focused on what is important. Economy, gas prices, jobs, and how Obama is destroying this Republic. This is the time he needs to be vetted. This is what Andrew was going to do. Obama wasn’t vetted in 2008, but he has documents and video that was going to make sure he was in 2012. What a patriot he still is!!!!!

  3. shutupnsing says:

    What the world needs now is BACKBONE sweet BACKBONE…

    All we are saying, is give BACKBONE a chance…

    I’d like to teach the world to sing BACKBONE in three part harmony…

  4. Hey Chip! Ya know the Beatles’ “Blackbird?” (Or was it just MacCartney?) Anyway…

    Backbone stiff-nin’ in the mornin’ light…

    Take our country back, please join the fi…ight!

    All my li…ife…

    I’ve just been awaitin’ for this moment to arrive…

    I’ve just been aprayin’ for my country to survive…

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