A Return to Localism!

“The solution in one word: Localism”. – Charles Hugh Smith, OfTwoMinds

Well it’s late Friday evening and everyone is settling in for the weekend after yet another week of Greek Groundhog Days. Earlier today I had an email from an investment advisor associate of mine that read “off to the races”. He was of course inferring a heaven-bound Dow after the “Deal”….the “Deal”?

I love listening to people here and there, the various economists and so-called experts weighing in on the latest chapter of the Euro-drama. I especially find it interesting how they throw the term “haircut” around…like they’re talking about people being groomed. Lives are being destroyed! Families are being destroyed…parents faced with the choice of giving up their children or starving to death.

Now one could easily make the argument they’ve done this to themselves, but they’d only be half right…leaving out the other darker and more nefarious piece. The Central Planners have every single one of us in their sights! You and I are part of a “comprehensive blueprint of action” drafted by a cabal of bankers, politicians and elite financiers like George Soros. The very same Goldman Sachs that served up the coup de grace financial stew that brought Greece down, gathered with the JP Morgan’s and the Morgan Stanley’s to divide the spoils! And they’ve only just begun!

With US Debt at $ 16 Trillion, Trillion dollar annual deficit spending 4 years and counting and the corrupt and gutless politicians in Washington…its pretty clear to anyone with half a brain who has the will to see, the Central Planners have orchestrated le piece de resistance American version of the Greek Tragedy that will be a nuclear explosion next to the Greek cherry bomb! And my friend Bill thinks “we’re off to the races”…Oy, if I were Buddhist I could laugh. This scenario is no longer “if”, it is inevitable!

The narrative from their lips to your ears is that we will be Greece “if” is a lie. WE ALREADY ARE GREECE because everything we read, watch and listen to rolls off printing presses, through the lens and over audio that has been bought and paid for by the Central Planners! And the idiot who actually believes that a 14,000 DOW is our salvation went to the schools and universities funded by the Central Planners…taught by the very disciples of the Central Planners! Remember Harvard’s Professor Bupp? Do you remember God? Read The Road to Serfdom and the 5,000 Year Leap!! They killed the very first of the 28 foundational beliefs of our Founders and then rolled over you with sub-prime mortgages, global warming and healthcare!

NEWS FLASH! If the seed is a lie, then the fruit can be nothing but a lie! Welcome to the madness that you and I created because we hit the snooze button instead of waking up when we had the chance! http://www.zerohedge.com/news/guest-post-welcome-year-five-crazy-house


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to A Return to Localism!

  1. Amen Brother Chip… AMEN!

    BILL (The OTHER Bill) (Definitely NOT the Bill Chip was referring to!)


    Today’s investment advice: Guns… ammo… training… (And consider moving to Texas! Or Montana or Wyoming…)

  2. Oh… my… GOD…!

    It’s insane!

    Chip is SO right about our financial overlords doing all within their power to fool us into thinking that black is white, up is down, and Left is… er… correct.

    Take for example this bit of distorted journalism from the Financial Times:


    “The US passed a landmark in its recovery from the Great Recession on Thursday when new data showed the first quarterly rise in consumer borrowing since 2008.”

    So let me get this straight: BORROWING more… INDEBTING ONESELF more… this is called “landmark recovery…?”

    Hmm… I guess back in the 60’s when my dad once bought a new Cadillac with CASH… well… that was obviously a sign of… er… how poorly he was doing financially…???


    “According to the latest flow-of-funds numbers from the Federal Reserve, consumer debts rose at an annualised rate of 0.3 per cent in the final quarter of 2011..”

    And this is… er… GOOD news…?!?!

    “The growth of credit shows the progress consumers have made in reducing debts left behind by the recession, as well as healing in the banking system.”

    It does…??? Funny… the author of this piece neglects to note the debt to income numbers… or even the debt to equity numbers… (The assumption is apparently that if people are taking on more debt that this means they can afford more debt. Sounds like Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac logic to me!)

    “The Fed is pondering how to reconcile stronger numbers on lending and the labour market with weaker data on consumer incomes…”

    Ahh! (*CHUCKLING*) There we go!

    Anyway, folks… you get the picture. I’ve attached the link so you can read the… er… “good news” for yourselves.


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