The Sunday Morning Tune-up, March 11th 2012 Edition!

“The blessings and protection of Heaven are at all times necessary, but especially so in times of public distress and danger.” – George Washington

Good Morning Dear Friend! This is just about my favorite time of the year…the very day to “spring ahead” (hint, hint). It also happens to be the time of year that I visited the Holy Land for the first time in my life (I had to see what all the fuss is about)…and now I get it! Re-birth and convergence…it’s hard to stand in the Old City of Jerusalem on the cusp of Passover and Easter and not deeply feel the significance of our Judeo-Christian Heritage as an American. I was standing in the very spot where the spiritual mortar was mixed that formed the very foundation of our nation! The very first of our 28 Founding Principles was born here: The only reliable basis for sound government and just human relations is Natural Law. Natural law is God’s law.  There are certain laws which govern the entire universe, and just as Thomas Jefferson said in the Declaration of Independence, there are laws which govern in the affairs of men which are “the laws of nature and of nature’s God.”

When the simple is made complicated, it is wise to look with a suspicious eye on those who wish to make it so!

                                              God, Family & Country!

Is it not hard to contemplate the times we are living in and sum it all up in one word…overwhelming? It seems as though every major factor that controls our lives from cultural and environmental to economic and political are in a state of turmoil bordering on chaos! Is this by God’s will or man’s design? And if the latter, then please show me the designer; Could he be a person or persons dedicated to our 2nd Founding Principle:

A free people cannot survive under a republican constitution unless they remain virtuous and morally strong. “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” – Benjamin Franklin

If we are to save what they would otherwise pull out from under us, then it is imperative to reject the chaos by keeping it simple. Interestingly, the three things they are hell-bent on destroying are the ONLY three things we need to worry about. God, Family and Country…if we uphold, defend and protect these three, everything else WILL take care of itself!


There is a reason God comes first. Let this spring be a time of birth or renewal in your heart for the love of God’s grace to pass through you with the renewing energy of a mountain stream bound for the sea. What in this world could be more natural or essential? And yet see how we ourselves conspire daily to block it and thus adversely affect everything downstream. Can we not hear the whisper inside to open these back up…“especially” now? If you come here for the first time from the place of doubt and disbelief, you have less to let go of. Yours is truly the empty glass and only you can know how desperately you long to fill and drink from it. All I would ask is what have you gotten from the empty glass until now?

If you are here to renew your original baptism having drifted from the path in the company of the sleeping Shepherd (or worse), then it is time to re-immerse yourself in the water of light. It is time to renew your vows. What better time than now to set your clock by the Universal Timekeeper? Know the miracle of every flowering bloom is within you in this moment…and all you need to do is open your senses to the fragrance.


As much as we need and depend on God, they need and depend on us. Again, it is the natural order!  What the mountain top receives from heaven it feeds to the thirsty streams that in turn provide for all below until reaching their end. All that is expected of us is to provide what we are given to provide…which includes the wisdom to separate need from want. In the treacherous season of the high and mighty intellectuals, your greatest lessons are learned in the classroom of the family! Here you will reap what you sow! It is here that you will be challenged and tested beyond the mere boundaries of academics. If you fail your tests here, then of what use are all the diplomas and honors in the world? Here is where you learn patience, understanding and forgiveness. Out there is only where you practice what you’ve learned here. I had a teacher once who taught us that our Mothers and our Fathers are our best friends…he was right!


I observed a tape of a live broadcast I made the other night. I literally narrated the story of my musical journey from the time she inspired me to dust off my guitars and sing. What struck me in watching myself was how naturally, effortlessly and genuinely I said, “I’ve never been more in love with my country.” I suppose it has something to do with the tendency we all have to take things for granted until we are about to lose them. Love of country is perhaps a little more about perspective than the other two in the sense that there is no way a thirty-year-old can experience losing what he has never known in the way some of us more…seasoned veterans might experience the same loss! At the end of the day, one fact that can never be intellectualized away is that there has never been a country in the history of the world as nurturing and protective of God and Family than the USA! What better illustration of the Circle of Life…as God intended. It is the perfect fit to the most perfect design from the most perfect architect! Who could argue? 🙂

Uphold, Defend and Protect these three and the problems of the world will melt like the snows on a fresh new sunny day of spring!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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