Bacha Bazi!

Happy St. Patty’s Day everybody! Yes, everyone knows we are all Irish today my friends! But not everyone is aware that no self-respecting Irishman can abide hate once he’s been made aware of it on this sacred day! That’s exactly why St. Patrick himself chased out all the snakes from Ireland on this very day! (You’d hate too if you did nothing but slither about on your belly all day…though I do know a loving Democrat or two…now that I think about it).

So I would like to thank the Southern Poverty Law Center for taking the time to compile this list just for us Click Here for Hate! It sure is a lot easier to find the haters when someone is good enough to make a list! And thank God they did…I would have walked right by half these people without ever having a clue; Christian Identity, Patriot MovementRadical Traditional Catholicism! Whew…makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. I mean just close your eyes and you can practically feel the river of hate oozing out of these three groups alone!

So when we do stumble upon any evidence of hate it is up to each and every Irishman on this day to counteract it by introducing its polar opposite! St.Patrick did it by replacing the snakes with Guinness, and today I give you Bacha Bazi! Click Here For Love!

This wonderful man/boy tradition is brought to us by the loving and peaceful political ideology otherwise known as Islam! (I double-checked with the Southern Poverty Law Center to make sure they were not on the list…you never know!) Just think, you too can dress up your 10-13 year old son to look like a female belly dancer and have him dance for the highest bidder at a Bacha Bazi Auction…and then raped repeatedly…until his soul dies.

But these days, we can’t be too careful. So I also made it a point to check their references through the UN and not only are they loving…they are on the Human Rights Council to make certain that everyone follows their loving prescription…ultimately known as Sharia! Click Here For Bed Bugs At The UN!

Well there now! I’ve done my part, and I have to say it’s all made me rather thirsty at the moment Click Here For GUINNESS! …….Gottcha! (Tell me you didn’t!)

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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