The Sunday Morning Tune-up, March 18th 2012 Edition!

“What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?”– Tertullian

Good morning Dear Friend. The catch is in its greatest abundance of all time! And it is way more accessible when we are able to do just two things; open the eyes and open the nets. We have been blessed to live in a land which has allowed us to do both. Our Judeo-Christian Heritage is in fact the very seed of that blessing! There is a tremendous battle on the eve of the greatest war that will determine the fate of our children and their rights to these very same blessings.

In over 2,000 years of civilizations rising and falling, the most critical choice any generation has ever faced is before us now…and the hour is getting late.

                            Athens or Jerusalem & the Third Martyr

Yesterday I watched as the young man who stood before me several summers ago and pronounced, with the certainty of having been there, that the Jews were never slaves in Egypt to begin with, appeared on the popular TV show Shark Tank to make his earthly deal. So here is this young Jewish man who indeed made his Bar mitzvah, who enters and exits a college experience with, dare we say, a more Athenic view of the world!

Please understand, I am no scholarly being. But I am very much your spiritual being having a physical experience…an experience which has me in the midst of a very interesting study of the history of Catholicism. I think it is safe to say that the pivotal moment in the history of Man’s relationship to God occurred with the life and crucifixion of Jesus Christ…and the beginning of Christianity.

Interestingly, it was both exceedingly difficult to be a practicing Christian within the Roman Empire of Paganism, and yet easier to surrender to Christ that much closer to the actual experience of his life! In fact this is why we have so many of the 1st Martyrs in these early days…those who endured torture and death for Christ.

As Christianity grew and evolved to eventually replace Paganism and institutionalize as the official religion of the empire, two critical things (in my opinion) occurred which had enormous effect. Outside views were integrated prompting the earlier question from Tertullian, and Martyrdom entered a 2nd Monastic Phase. The saying that struck me on the first point;

“The Classical Thinkers could tell you where to go, but they couldn’t tell you how to get there.”

And with regards to the second point, the sacrifice of death was largely replaced by the sacrifice of living without to be closer to Christ.

The most critical events that occurred in the Church that have set the stage for the Greatest War occurred in the last century. This is where I encourage EVERYONE reading this to do your homework! There is absolutely nothing on the face of this earth more directly germane and critical to your very existence right here and now!

The bottom line is this. A schism occurred towards the middle of the last century which shifted the Church away from it’s holy origin in Jerusalem towards the “Enlightenment” of Athens…and now Athens lies in ruin. Every devastating ripple affecting our world today grew from this event, which is exactly why you must study for yourself to really understand what is taking place.

The key to solving our future lies in understanding our past. Whether you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim or Atheist…you need to know. And then I would suggest that we need to pray…or hope if you happen to be an Atheist.

Whatever we believe, we know that everything physical turns to dust. For those of us who believe we are more than that, I challenge you to carefully examine all conditions of this spiritual, social and economic environment…and especially the post-schism events that we ourselves have experienced.

Knowing this, we will find ourselves standing in the heart of Jerusalem, at the heart of the 3rd phase of Martyrdom and choosing the sweet fruit of eternal salvation over the bitter totalitarian fruit of Athens!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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