The Sunday Morning Tune-up, March 25th 2012 Edition!

“Turn me over; I am done on this side!” –St. Lawrence, at his own execution by fire.

Imagine the degree of faith, and strength of spirit it takes to confront your own death with a joke! And so it was with the Roman Deacon named Lawrence who was literally cooked over a slow flame for the crime of being a Christian! Now imagine the fear in the heart of the authorities, publicly confounded by such a Braveheart…as they realize by the faces of the people gathered, that their execution has had the opposite effect.

St.Lawrence was one of many of the 1st Christian Martyrs…those who chose Christ over submission to earthly authority and pagan worship. What is more powerful than a people willing to die for what they believe in? His death in the third century along with those who came before him, and after the most important death of all mankind, is exactly what transformed Christianity from cult to institution, and introduced the 2nd phase of Martyrdom…the Monastic Phase. To be willing to live like Christ…

Good Morning Dear Friend! Those of you who have tuned in from the beginning are familiar with the concept we’ve discussed of living our lives from the inside out…setting our course and relying on the bearings of our inner compass to guide us; depending on the celestial sextant of our own conscience to keep us true.

Yesterday in Goshen, I realized that we are in the most treacherous waters under the darkest skies imaginable…as the gathering storm rapidly approaches.

                                      The Great Sifting & the Third Martyr

God communicates to each of us in a variety of ways. It is up to us to learn these ways and listen to what he has to say. I have shared my personal experience and techniques taught to me over the years that have helped tremendously in my ability to clear the windshield and tune in…rather than out. But nothing has given me a clearer or deeper understanding of God’s Grace than his personal gift to me…the heart and soul of a singer-songwriter. I empty…he speaks…I listen!

It literally breaks my heart to know how ill-prepared most of us are for what we are about to experience. All of the energy, resources and human capital wasted…squandered in the truest sense, while the darker powers have literally feasted on our folly. It’s as if we chose to train for a heavy-weight fight by eating all day and lying on the couch watching TV instead of the demanding routine of training under the watchful eye of the trainer.

Or, an even better description of our present state is this. In our bodies, we have dedicated ourselves to building, furnishing and decorating the biggest, brightest and most beautiful…sand castles on the beach! In our hearts, we have closed the door to the one room that no tsunami can wash away. We have not painted or furnished the room, and we’ve shuttered out the light and allowed the dust of neglect to gather in layers.

Forgetting God does not exempt us from evil in some ignorance is bliss sort of way! We are of this world and its rules regardless of what we may choose to believe. There is God and there is Satan and it is up to us to choose now, or the choice will be made for us. Just one little suggestion, if I may be so bold. You may wish to open that room, un-shutter those windows and let some fresh air and sunlight in before you do.

There is no source outside more trustworthy than our own hearts, and like sheep…we have been led to trust in the exact opposite way! They have led us to this ultimate line in the sand with breadcrumbs over more years than we can count. And they have intentionally weakened us in the very muscles we need the most to keep ourselves upright before the line in the most important tug of war of our lives!

Make no mistake; the HHS Mandate is the line in the sand. The Devil holds the White House and Congress! From Boehner to Hayworth and Morrissey to O’Reilly…how many of them have struck their deals with the Devil? There is no compromise with evil! Did we learn nothing in the last century? All eyes are on the Bishops and the Holy Catholic Church! Regardless of where they fall, your greatest treasure is NOT theirs to take…EVER!

This is coming…Know it! Prepare for it! And when it gets here, stand up…look it in the eye and deny it! The neglected room has become the light of the 3rd Martyr and the very fortress that will empower us to smile and say knowingly, and lovingly “Turn me over; I am done on this side!” 🙂





Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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