The Red Flags Flying High Over the Men in Black!

Scarlet– The secret meeting held at the Supreme Court on the question of certifying Obama for the 2008 election.

Cerise– Obama Administration fast-tracking the case to the Supreme Court.

Crimson– Kagan refuses to recuse herself!

Ruby– No one calls her on it!

Rose– Fast & Furious, New Black Panthers & MF Global = Lawless DOJ!

Lust– Environment of threats, intimidation and media censorship on the question of Obama’s eligibility.

Magenta– Justices telegraph signs of ruling the law unconstitutional.

Cardinal– HHS Mandate forced on the Catholic Church!

Red– My Gut!

I would love nothing more than to believe in my heart that our American system of government is healthy enough to expect justice from…the highest justice in the land. But I don’t…not for one minute. The 9 flags tell me what my gut knew from the start…Obama’s Healthcare power grab is a done deal! And I left out the surest give-away of all…

BloodObama’s arrogance!

  • There is no way that any right-headed political leader publicly slaps down the very people he needs to side with him on his “signature legislation” as did in front of the entire world during his first SOTU, unless…
  • There is no way that a rational and supposed Christian President takes so offensive a swipe at the entire Catholic segment of the electorate on the eve of his re-election bid, unless…
  • There is no way that such a shrewd and clever politician would make such a sophomoric “hot mike” blunder, revealing his treacherous heart and stating his re-election as a foregone conclusion to the Russian President, unless…
  • And Finally, there is no way that any US President would show such cavalier disrespect and disregard for our constitutional checks and balances and separation of powers by publicly intimidating the Justices a second time in his 1st Term, as he did this week, unless…

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”– John F. Kennedy

The holiest weekend of the year is upon us. I pray in my heart to gracious God above… to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, I pray that I am wrong and that we will indeed see the beginning of a peaceful restoration of America…if not in June, then surely in November. With all my heart and soul, I pray. Amen.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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6 Responses to The Red Flags Flying High Over the Men in Black!

  1. Chip,

    I can’t predict how the High Court will rule.

    Why can’t I predict how they’ll rule? Because four of the nine Justices make no pretense of abiding by the Constitution and its various Amendments as written and intended by those who enacted the Supreme Law of the Land into being.

    As for the remaining five…


    Only Clarence Thomas can be counted upon to always rule according to his “good faith” reading of Constitutional text and meaning – placing the Constitution on THE pedestal regardless of past precedent.

    The remaining four… this will no doubt come as a surprise to most readers who stumble upon my comment, but the next “most conservative” Justice in terms of not allowing precedent to override his allegiance to the Constitution is Alito, not Scalia.

    (Folks… understand… for all his brilliance, Antonin Scalia believes in stare decisis to the point where if a precedent is old enough… to his mind it has “become” part of the Constitution – yes… even if it’s bad precedent.)

    Roberts? He’ll split the difference while attempting to swing decisions “to the Right.”



    The man is capable of anything.

    So… where does this leave us? Well… “We The People” could win in the sense that a majority of the Justices stand by the Constitution and strike down ObamaCare in its entirety.

    We could also win a lesser victory if a majority of the Justices vote simply to strike down the mandate.

    We could lose… the Constitution and “We The People” could lose… five to four.

    Or… we could lose six to four… with both Kennedy and Roberts voting to shred what remains of America’s Constitutional freedoms.

    Pray, Chip.

    All of you reading this… pray.

  2. shutupnsing says:

    Prayin’ here boss!

  3. BTW… while i realize it is indeed the norm for the decision to be unveiled in June rather than unveiled following the Justices’ Friday vote, for an issue of this magnitude it seems to me that an expedited ruling should have been requested by both Houses of Congress as well as President Obama so that “We the People” – as well as “Them the Government” – would know what’s what.

    Why wait till June? Why not compress the process into a two-week window so that the nation can begin to deal with the resultant decision – whatever that decision may be?

    The fact that *I* am submitting this here on Chip Murray’s blog rather than the editorial boards of the WSJ, NYT, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, etc., opining similarly for the nation to see… well… that tells you all you need to know about just how dysfunctional our entire society is.

    Again… may GOD have mercy on America.

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