The Sunday Morning Tune-up, Easter 2012 Edition!

Have you ever had the experience of waking up from a sleep so deep that it actually took you a few moments to get your bearings…like remembering not only where you were, but who you were?

I’ve just finished the Cook lectures on the History of the Catholic Church because I am compelled to renew my faith and I believe in my heart that the Catholic Church is the last great sanctuary for Truth in dark and dangerous times.

Good and Happy Easter Morning to you Dear Friend! These last few days here in the Northeast have been the most perfectly clear and fresh spring days imaginable! I pray for these words to find themselves greeted by your heart and mind in the same spirit on this most amazing day of days.

                                           The Resurrection of Truth

The challenge of faith is in the very subjective nature of it. It’s much easier to have faith, believe in and agree on the same sunset for example. But the mystery of God and therefore, faith in God lies more in the knowing of the heart than the experience of the senses…so I’d like to make this perfectly clear. This is the knowing of my heart.

Think about the most popular person you knew as a young child. What can you remember about him or her today? In my case, that person has all but vaporized leaving but a thin molecule of the most vague recollection. We can do the same with many way more public, social people….and even those who’ve achieved celebrity status down through the many centuries of life! Lots of blank screens, right?

So how does this one man, who didn’t invent electricity or the telephone (visualize Edison & Bell in your head), or the iPod (What will we remember of Steve Jobs 2,000 years from now?), leave such a permanent and lasting impression? The answer is really amazing in its utter simplicity;

He is who he said he was…He died for you and me in the most horrific way imaginable…and he kept his promise three days later…Today in fact!

Think of who he was in the context of the time he lived among us. Because…minus the electricity, phones and iPods…it really wasn’t all that different. People needed to work to care and provide for their families within societies that were governed by central taxing authorities (in his case, the Roman Empire). And there was also a well established hierarchy of authority within his own  Jewish community.

The fact that the very heart of his teaching was beyond the grasp of the two authorities to control, made him a direct threat to their authority…especially when his teachings resonated so powerfully within the hearts and minds of a growing number of people. The reason he is with us so clearly and vividly 2,000 years later is because he was the purest manifestation of Truth to ever take human form. Truth unbound and unchained to any mortal authority. Truth completely free from the seduction of the subjective-peddling charlatans!

With all of its flaws and imperfections, the Holy Catholic Church has kept the flame of Truth alive in the sanctity of the Eucharist for more than 2,000 years…while so many institutions of faith have allowed themselves to become sandcastles before the rising tide of Central Authority…and worse.

I saw the picture yesterday of a “devotee” allowing himself to be nailed to the cross in one of many such Good Friday ceremonies taking place around the world. I wondered to myself what this particular “devotee’s” life looks like back in the real world, when he returns to his work and family, etc. Because allowing nails to be driven through your hands and feet in public means absolutely nothing, if you allow the same public to drive its nails through Truth while you remain silent!

This is the Truth I have fully awakened to in my heart! This is the miraculous glory of the Resurrection…like the seedling that penetrates the concrete barriers and ALL fortresses of earthly power to seek the light of the One Son, of the One Father and of the One Holy Spirit! So help me God….


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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15 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up, Easter 2012 Edition!

  1. Jacob Griffin says:

    Chip, your writing is so great and has been very inspirational to me! I have enjoyed your articles immensely and look forward to each one! You have a friend here in Tennessee. Being a protestant I naturally disagree with the idea of catholicism being the repository of Truth, but I respect your opinions greatly. The Reformation gave birth to the Magna Carta and the United States Constitution. Here the individual is directly responsible to God with no need of a priest-craft. It has worked out marvelously, not only for us, but has broken the power of political religions in every nation our armies have ventured and has replaced priests/rulers/tyrants of all stripes with constitutional governments. I hesitate to surrender that self-determination and return our fate to a vicar.

    • shutupnsing says:

      Thanks for the support and kind words from Tennessee Jacob! I was actually raised as a Methodist and never really connected with the church at all…and yet somehow I’ve always felt close to God. I reconnected with the Church in 1987 after moving to a rural community in upstate NY…but was completely turned off after attending my first National Conference. I found myself constantly seeking…studying Buddhism through a Kadampa Foundation Program and Kabalah through (of all things) a Sufi Mystic. After Obama was elected, I began to realize that the Church as a body, had been co-opted and silenced. I’ve watched as local clergy trip over themselves to surrender Truth to the subjective “anything goes” crowd in order to bring in new members. And then I discovered Ann Barnhardt and one of her writings in particular. She spoke of the sanctity of the Eucharist and its direct connection between us and Christ that was more important than the politics surrounding it. I had let the politics turn me away from it! You raise some excellent points Jacob, and I know there are many roads to Jerusalem…it sure seems like we are on the same one my friend!

      • Jacob Griffin says:

        You would appreciate the writings of another Catholic friend of mine, Diane Alden. She writes for an online publication called The Moral Liberal which is owned by Steve Ferrell who is a Mormon. If you are on Face Book send her a friend request. She will appreciate your insight. I agree with your asessment of the United Methodist Church as it seems to be in a contest within itself to see who can emulate the late Karl Marx the best! Those of us who oppose socialism in America must stick together and debate theology when times are better. Have a good day, my friend.

  2. shutupnsing says:

    Jacob, I wanted to share a response from a Catholic friend to your post here in the good spirit of Truth-seeking and the confidence that we all share the common quest!

    Here goes and know that I have no idea where this is going to take me. You could take a lifetime responding to Protestantism that has as thick a veil over their minds as the Chosen People….especially these days.

    Here is what he wrote:

    Chip, your writing is so great and has been very inspirational to me! I have enjoyed your articles immensely and look forward to each one! You have a friend here in Tennessee. Being a protestant I naturally disagree with the idea of catholicism being the repository of Truth, but I respect your opinions greatly. The Reformation gave birth to the Magna Carta and the United States Constitution.

    Possibly just an oversight but the Magna Carta dates back to 1215. As for the Constitution, he is probably correct and incorrect. Actually, I am struggling with some things right now about wanting to ‘restore’ America. I don’t think it can be done because basically, the Constitution, like Protestantism is a heresy, in the allegorical sense. It boils down to what and who is legitimate authority.

    Of course, all Christian people acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Savior but disagree on how this gets played out. This battle goes right back to the fall of Lucifer and then Adam and Eve. Who rules? The Absolute Will of God or the will of man? That is the question!

    History is full of the will of man from Cain, to Babel to all the mighty empires that refused the Will of God in Antiquity to the outright crucifixion by the Progressives of their day who exclaimed like Lucifer: “I WILL NOT SERVE!.

    No matter. The Will of God reigns supreme and in the end, will not be frustrated when the cup of Mercy runs out.

    Our Lord, by His example gave us the path. He never was concerned w/ Himself, sought always to do the Will of the Father and codified this teaching in the Our father and especially in the lines: “Thy Kingdom come; Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”

    Jesus Christ set the earthly society up for humans by establishing a Church…the Catholic Church. He did not start an Episcopalian confession, or a Baptist congregation, or a Methodist philosophy, or a Lutheran religion or any of the other 20,000+ sects of ‘Christians’. How could He?

    WHo is right? The Lutherans, 7th Day Adventists, Calvinists, Evangelicals etc? Who? Prior to 1930, all Christian ‘faiths’ understood the grave sin of contraception. However, the Episcopalians changed their thinking n 1930. So this begs the question, were hey mistaken before 1930? If i was sinful behavior before 1930, was not longer sinful after 1930? Welcome to Relativism. Soon, divorce, abortion, mothers leaving the home to work, women ministers, gay ‘rights’ etc all were re-examined and voila suddenly discovered that Protestants had been wrong all along. This cannot happen in the Catholic Church because only It is indefectible and only She simply passes the Truth from one generation t the next. The Pope has no more authority to alter Truth to suit the times than anyone else. It is his duty and the Church’s mission to maintain hat Truth even in the face of scorn and adversity and soon, probable outright persecution. Read what Pope Paul VI wrote in’Humane Vitae’ and compare it to what has transpired since that prophetic document.

    Protestants reject Papal infallibility yet, each Protestant considers himself infallible in interpreting Scripture and the Will of the Father. And if everyone comes to a different conclusion, guess what everyone is right! This is crazy. welcome to Relativism 2.0.

    When you read the early Fathers, I defy anyone to find a Baptist among them! For centuries, Lutherans exclaimed along w/ many other Protestant sects: “Sola Scriptura! Sola Scriptura”! Can you show me where that is in Scripture? In fact, St Paul instructs the faithful that, when in doubt, adhere to Tradition! Why? For two reasons.

    First, after Penetecost, the Apostles held the deposit of Faith in their hearts. They went around, saying Mass, consecrating bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ, confirming souls, ordaining priest successors, annointing the sick and dying and hearing confessions. THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED. So this man who denies the priesthood, denies the mission Jesus gave to His Apostles such as “who’s sins you shall forgive; they are forgiven them’. I could go on but, I’ll never finish although it is worth mentioning that every single early Church Doctor specifically wrote about the Eucharist and that it was indeed, the actual flesh and blood of Jesus Christ. When many of His disciples walked away, He did not say “Hold on, wait a minute, I am only speaking allegorically!’. No! He let them walk away.

    Second, for 323 years, there was no New Testament. Yes, there were letters, inspried accounts of the history of Christ but no codified New Testament. In 323, the Pope and Bishops saw the plethora of writings both good and bad, held a counsel under the guidance of God the Holy Ghost and accepted and rejected the writings into what we call the New Testament at the Council of Nicea.

    Portestants seem to think that after the Ascension and Pentecost, in effect, God abandoned humanity until Luther came along and figured it out. God forbid!

    In fact, it was Luther who broke w/ 1500 years of virtual peace and again exclaimed, “I WILL NOT SERVE”. He gave people what they wanted to hear and no different, if you will, than the Fed, introduced poison into the veins of society.

    Wars began to occur in earnest at a greater pace such as the 30 years and 100 years wars. Truth be told, these wars were really about property and money and power. Nothing really new here although, it is interesting to note that until Luther showed up, Christendom was a most peaceful period of history, relatively speaking, because if we were all part of the Catholic Mystical Body of Christ, then it was virtually impossible to be at enmity with a fellow human being…unless somthing disturbs the tranquilty.

    Here the individual is directly responsible to God with no need of a priest-craft.

    Here is the problem with this statement. Jesus Christ established the priesthood not man. Jesus Christ ‘ordained’ the Apostles. ‘He breathed on them and said, receive ye the Holy Spirit. Who’s sins you shall forgive etc…”. He established a human run institution with the 100% deposit of Faith, gave the Church absolute authority to defend, teach and maintain these God centered principles in society. That is the mission of the Church and we see today the final fruits of what Protestantism wrought where every man decides for himself what is right and no one has the authority to tell him otherwise.

    No different than Eden when Satan questioned Eve.

    Satan: Why did God tell you not to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?

    Eve: Because if we do, we will know Death.

    Satan: Pfff! (here comes the half truths mixed w/ lies). No, God knows that if you eat the fruit you will be just like Him!! (True, in terms of awareness. Stan left out the death part. Eve strayed from the Absolute Truth and command and authority of God the Father and we know what happened after that!).

    You admirer leaves out the establishment of the priesthood by Jesus Christ and tries to redfine how the human institution is supposed to be run. A child of this hydra seed is the attempt to redefine marriage, homosexual behavior, when life begins and who is in charge.

    You and I are engaged in defending these Truths are we not?

    It has worked out marvelously, not only for us, but has broken the power of political religions in every nation our armies have ventured and has replaced priests/rulers/tyrants of all stripes with constitutional governments. I hesitate to surrender that self-determination and return our fate to a vicar.

    I don’t know what world he is living in to say this. We are simply at the end of the line of the logical conclusion of Protestantism and nothing is marvelous about the way we live today.

    I think I wrote about this once to you. Consider Luther, who made it respectable to introduce a counterfeit religion. Kinda like Progressives introducing a ‘different strokes for different folks zeitgeist; a live and let live, if you will.

    Eventually, someone will understand the error in it, but like America today, the populace has moved away from ultimate Truth and no one os going back to that anymore! Turn back the clock etc. So, along comes whomever, Wesley, Calvin, Zwilling, Knox and of all people, Henry VII. People follow a church begun by a philanderer and murderer! This is of God? They have the real deal!
    Move on.

    Eventually after all these false religions have been ‘found out’ in come the rationalists, the Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris’ of their day. Descartes, who virtually denies existence and begins the seed of Atheism leads to this ‘ism’ and that ‘ism’. All the while, though the Catholic zeitgeist still permeates society though it is very, very slowly starting to become removed from people’s minds.

    The new world, exploration, inventions, marvels, gold, the Enlightenment and the political complications get obvious. With Truth abandoned; the spectre of chaos is raised. Enter brilliant minds like Locke, Montesqueu etc, each trying to fabricate a ‘political religion’.

    There are two fruits. One is the Christian based US Constitution. Magnifient as it is, it holds the seeds of its own destruction…..religious indifferentism. All religions are equal. Sorry, they are not. This is being played out today as the logical extension shows unraveling. Islam, for instance, is 100% incompatible with the US Constituion. So are any of the non-Christian eastern religions because they are not based on God’s Laws but rather on a corruption of whatever the game of ‘telephone’ led ancient peoples to stray from the instructions given to Adam and Eve and create strange religions due to either sophist control of societies (just like today) or perhaps worse, intervention by the ‘father of lies’ himself thru history. Who knows.

    The second fruit can be summed up in the installation of Lucifer, giving him his first real beach head in the world after a millenium of Christian peace, in the French Revolution. The French Revolution was the 1st mass murder in modern history (1,000,000 people killed) by the ‘rationalists Voltaire and Robespierre, the children of Rosseau and the 1st modern attack against Holy Mother Church. Again, we are in the last major battle of the age as we speak. No one has said it better that Ann Barnhardt.

    Don’t know if you know but after Paris fell, the mob put a naked woman on the altar in Notre Dame to symbolize the ‘triumph of Man’, to me a direct fruit of Protestantism.

    Of course, we have all seen the metasticizing of that error to Nietzche, Darwin, Hegel, Marx, Freud, Sanger and the millions upon millions of murdered souls as a result.

    Chip, I lay that on Luther.

    Enter the Virgin Mary. It will be her, the one God told Satan would be at enmity with him. It will be her who will end Protestantism, convert the Muslims and enter in a period of peace.

    YOU have been chosen, as have I , to be a witness. You have been chosen to be called into the Church….an incredible Grace that causes me to tear up over its magnitude.

    I don’t know if helps CHip. So hard to write slowly, logically when it takes a lifetime of study to even scratch the surface. Pray for a sign. She will give you one!


  3. Jacob Griffin says:

    Ironically, blundering over the signifigance of Magna Carta and dismissing the constitution as heresy is the heart of the battle presently being waged on us by the left. I have to smile when I wonder where the likes of a man like Chip Murray will sing in that church choir.

  4. Jacob Griffin says:

    I have read and reread the commentary left here very carefully tonight. I find I am in complete agreement with this statement:
    “There are two fruits. One is the Christian based US Constitution. Magnifient as it is, it holds the seeds of its own destruction…..religious indifferentism. All religions are equal. Sorry, they are not. ”
    I say I am in agreement with that because the lie of moral equivalency has been allowed to become truth! This nation’s founders, the pilgrim’s of Plymouth Colony, did not journey here to lay the groundwork for freedom of all religions (and certainly not freedom FROM religion!). This was to be a haven for Puritanism free from Popes and Arch Bishops. And what is wrong with that? Every kind of religion has a nation to protect and foster it. Cathoics, Epicopals, Muslims, Hindus and Jews all have flags of refuge and strength. Of course everyone would be welcome here, it is the Christian way, but for everyone to have a say in government cannot work no matter where it is tried.

    • Shutupnsing says:

      Hence Republic versus Democratic! Rule of Law…until there is none. At the end of the day, the desire of every good and true Christian is to kneel in true repentance and service at the feet of Christ. The 8 steps of the Rosary have become the runway lights “home” to me personally
      It seems like the Shepherds of every faith (as a body) have led us seriously astray. I think there is almost a duality of mission. here. The common enemy of us all would be thrilled to have us divide over banners…which seems to be exactly what is happening. The unity of the shepherds of multiple faiths at Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally, while we seek the runway lights of our own hearts to find him…every day, new clues!

    • Shutupnsing says:

      @Jacob- I don’t think I had updated my friends response to your earlier post Jacob;
      J- Chip, a continuing thought about the catholic vs, protestant dialog. The protestant complaint has always been that it is wrong to state that Christ instituted Mass, confession, last rites, etc. as none of this is mentioned in the Bible.

      G- Well, for starters, I repeat, there was no Bible for 323 years after the Ascension of Jesus Christ. Nonetheless, the Apostles, if you read the early Church Fathers, (quickly scanned over in Protestant seminaries), they will tell you exactly what the Apostles did. What they did was SAY THE MASS. There was the Mass of the Catecumens, for those considering becoming Christians after which they had to leave. The remaining Christians heard the balance called the Mass of the Faithful, where the Apostles, as priests, consecrated bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ. EVERY SINGLE CHURCH FATHER stated w/o equivocation that it was no longer bread and wine but literally the Body and Blood of Christ.

      Now, let’s refer to Scripture that was codified in 323, that is after three CENTURIES of the Mass being said, confessions being heard, people being confirmed, men being ordained and on and on. If the Apostles were wrong in there actions, then Christ did not leave proper instructions. God forbid. What John tells us is this: ‘many things Jesus said that are not written in this book (Scripture). But these things are written so that you will know……’ I am not w my Bible right now so I am working from memory.

      One year before the Crucifixion, Jesus taught the doctrine oh eating His flesh and Blood. Even he was speaking metaphorically, He would have said so. Go read John again. ‘ Unless you eat my Flesh and drink my Blood YOU CANNOT HAVE LIFE WITHIN YOU. On that day, many no longer walked with Him. No matter, He meant what He said. When Christ taught dogma and doctrine, He was very clear. For instance, ‘Unless a man be born again of water and the Spirit, he CANNOT ENTER THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.’ He is pretty specific about it, is He not?

      When the crippled man was lowered thru the atrium while Our Lord was eating with a Pharisee, He minced no words when He said to the man ‘take heart, thy sins are forgiven thee’. This scandalized the crowd who thought ‘who does He think He is?’ Knowing their thoughts, He healed the man to demonstrate His power. No allegory, no metaphor, no parable. LITERAL WORDS.

      So for 300 years, the exact same Catholic Church operating today, operated then. If the Catholic Church was wrong, why didn’t Protestantism come about sooner. And again I repeat, which version of Protestantism? A simple error in translation in the KJ Bible illustrates this point nicely. We think it said: ‘Peace on earth, goodwill toward men!’ Nice sentiment but incorrect and this idea is very Protestant. The actual translation is this: ‘Peace on earth to men of goodwill!’ A vast difference. If men have goodwill, the peace of God the Holy Spirit permeates our world. Hippies prefer the incorrect version.

      Time and space doesn’t permit me to layout the 7 Sacraments, nor am I qualified. I’d have to go back to my books and research.

      J- You will not even find models for them in the Old Testament which He came to fulfill. Why these can’t be admitted to be merely traditions instead of biblical doctrine I cannot imagine except that from all religions spring pride and a dogma entitlement.

      G- Incorrect again. Sacrifice is found not only found in the Jewish religion but in virtually all religions in antiquity. The Old Testament is full of types of the Messiah. Abraham and Isaac, Joseph and his brothers, and of course the mysterious Melchizedech (spelling incorrect!) who offered bread and wine to God the Father. These are not traditions but revelations from the Father.

      J- After dogma comes bloodshed (Not good!) and the RC church has left a long and bloody trail of persecution which, of course, pride dictates that they justify and defend.

      G- Nice try. Can you expound on the long and bloody trail? I can no longer remember the details but about 5-10 years ago, an militant atheist sought to write about the long and bloody trail. H focused on the Inquisition. To his surprise, he researched that over 300 years of the Inquisition, about 10,000 people were put to death. If I recall, he was received into the catholic Church after that. Shall we talk about the Salem witch trials and the real blood bath inflicted by Henry VIII on clergy and Catholics during his purge.

      With respect to this actually, there are 2 responses. The first is that ALL institutions, governments etc reserves the right and duty to defend society from error, heresy and an enemy within and without. Capital punishment is established in the a bible and it makes sense that people, societies and countries have the right and duty to defend itself.

      Adultery corrupts and dissolves societies. So does homosexuality. That is why, God’s word commanded societies to outlaw and severely punish those who promoted or engaged in this behavior. Pretty severe. Is God right? While capital punishment might offend my sensibilities, take a look around at what adultery and homosexuality is doing to our society. For that matter,make a look at contraception. The sexual act is designed for two intrinsically entwined goals: procreation and intimacy. Procreation to advance the species and intimacy to assist a man and a woman in carrying the burden of parenthood, enjoy pleasure in the act and aiding in the two becoming one flesh. Separation of these two purposes has wreaked hell on society. It has promoted divorce, adultery, homosexuality (if procreation can be separated from the marital act, then why not gay ‘marriage’ or ‘marriage’ any way I want it.

      The point is that when people were found in adultery in antiquity, capital punishment was the penalty. In many, many non Jewish societies capital punishment was reserved for serious crimes such as murder, cowardice in battle, adultery and homosexuality. Ancient societies knew these truths to be self evident. God the Father codified it in Israel. In our, Protestantism has succumbed to general acceptance of these horrors.mI digress. When the Church allowed capital punishment, She was doing Her duty to defend society. When done correctly, millions of people don’t die as you state my friend. However, when we stray, millions of people do die. See the 20th century, a fruit of Protestantism.

      We’re there abuses? Of course there were. The 2nd point is that all human institutions are manned by, well, humans…..fallible, weak and at time, misguided people. THAT IS WHY Jesus Christ set up A Church to hold the deposit of Faith against which the gates of Hell shall not prevail. That is the Catholic Church. Not the Church of England, not the Baptists Church nor any of the 20,000+ sects out there. They did not exist! They were not founded by Christ but by men.

      Lastly, can you name me one war that was started by the Catholic Church in the name of Christ? One please. No Pope took it upon himself to purge society like a Henry VIII or a Cromwell. As far as I know, Catholics never burned down Protestant Churches in the USA although Protestants certainly did. Remember that ‘goodwill toward men!’?

      J- While the stake and the sword have consumed millions in the pursuit of purity the Hugenots seem to weigh most heavily on my mind today, as without them and the sacrifices they made during our revolution we may certainly conclude there would be no free and independant America as we know it.

      G- I don’t understand the significance of the Hugenots.

      J- You are free to forward this to Gene as I’m sure he will correct any errors I have made and for that I am greatful. Paul rebuked Peter and I am confident we will continue that fine tradition! lol To be a friend of yours I’m sure he must be a good guy.

      G- Now you are really way off course JB. I am not a good guy. Just ask my wife!!! Ciao for now.

      • Jacob Griffin says:

        On nearly all points you make proving the errors of all-inclusive protestantism we may agree! You are correct as far as I can tell. We will have to agree to disagree on theology and let your wife have the final say on your character! 🙂 Good talking with you.
        P.S. The Hugenots were a sect of protestants driven from France sometime before our revolution. Those who settled in Florida were later massacred by Spanish catholics. I have visited an ancient graveyard there. The Hugenots who settled in South Carolina had descendants who fought in our revolution and included such names as Francis Marion. Without them there would have been no victory and no independence.

      • shutupnsing says:

        It sure has been an education to listen to the two of you! In fact, after having done so, I think I may be a Protholic! 🙂

  5. Shutupnsing says:

    Dear Jacob,

    I enjoyed our conversation, limited as it is on the web. You said something that if you don’t mind triggered some parting thoughts and that is this:

    You agreed with much of what I said and then stated that on theology, we must agree to disagree. Forgive my presumption but that is precisely the problem. Minds are going to have to If we are going to survive. If you accept Objective and Absolute Truth, then disagreement is not possible. Something is either true or, it isn’t! Three points my friend.

    Let’s take the Eucharist. Someone is right and someone is wrong. It either is or is not the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Would you not agree on this premise. If so, consider this. Whoever is incorrect, is gravely wrong. If I am merely worshipping a chunk of bread, then I am seriously violating the very first commandment not to have strange gods before Me. If I am wrong, then I am in serious trouble with respect to my eternity. Agreed?

    Conversely, if you are wrong, then you are seriously violating the gift of Christ and you have no life within you. Serious stuff yes? Recall that a year before He instituted the Eucharist, John tells us that when He presented it to the crowds, many walked away for good. He did not explain that He was speaking in parables because…He wasn’t. If you are interested, read the early Church fathers and their emphasis that the Eucharist is indeed the flesh and blood of Christ and the entire one truss Church believed it until 1517. This means that every Christian ended up in hell for worshipping a false God. Read and you will discover there was no agreement to disagree. It was a fact until Luther showed up.

    Second, Protestantism frustrates the Will of Christ when He taught that as the Good Shepherd, there would be One fold and One Shepherd. Recall that He told us that “many are called but few are chosen”. Yet, in Protestantism, to the best of my knowledge, and correct me if I wrong, if you believe, you are saved! Live the life of a rock star but believe in Christ, you are saved. This contradicts James who warns that ‘ no adulterer, fornicator or immoral person has any place in Heaven’ That is pretty clear.

    Lastly, you seem to have it out for Popes. Well, Peter was the first Pope. He was recognized as the one through whom God spoke when regarding faith or morals…nothing else. If you Google it, you will find a list of unbroken Vicars going right back to Peter. Some food, some bad but NEVER did they err when defining a dogma of the Faith.

    The world today has a mistrust of authority and to an extent, rightly so. But this is contrary to the Divine Order. In nature, there is an authority…lions in the jungle for instance. Bigger trees can inhibit the growth of little trees. Big fish eat little fish. The same with man. Legitimate authority must be respected so that Truth can remain within people’s hearts. In the Church, that duty has always fallen on the Pope, again, until Luther. That authority prevented what we have today, each following their own way and the 20,000 Protestant sects prove my point .

    If you get EWTN, a Catholic TV channel, check out ‘The Journey Home’ by Marcus Grodi, a former Protestant who interviews converts from Protestantism each week. You may be pleasantly surprised.

    Anyway, final food for thought. I wish you the best Jacob. Be well.

    • jacob griffin says:

      Age old questions that far better minds than mine on both sides of the issue have addressed! Here is what I was taught about Mass and Eucharist: That it is wrong because it crucifies Christ anew and keeps Him in a state of suffering and dying when Christ was crucified once and only once for our sins. Is this right and transubstantiation or consubstantiation wrong? Not for me to say, and that is not a cop-out statement on my part to avoid controversy. God has the final say, but I am conviced that our religion is one of justification by faith not of works (and that faith without works is equally dead). Yet, I realize that many catholics heartily doom every single non-catholic to an eternal Hell and vice-versa. Not good. After a short 50 years of life I truly believe that Dogma embraced by the limited and finite mind of man is the work of Satan and has caused more division among brothers than any political or geographical barriers ever have.
      A more pressing question to me is: Will you submit to papal authority in promoting Agenda 21? If not, how does a catholic skirt his authority by combatting the very thing Benedict espouses?
      “Preservation of the environment, promotion of sustainable development and particular attention to climate change are matters of grave concern for the entire human family. “
      Pope Benedict SVI, Letter to the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople on the Occasion of the Seventh Symposium of the Religion, Science and the Environment Movement, September 1, 2007

    • jacob griffin says:

      Chip, follow this link:
      There are some quotes from Pope Benedict, but that is not why I want you to go there. View the video at the bottom about eradicating fundamentalism. It is very chilling! You and I face a very determined enemy!

  6. Shutupnsing says:

    His last words, “When you do that (change the environment) you can get everything for free.” Ha! Why didn’t we think of that?LOL

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