What Our Bully “Crisis” & the Euro-go-round Debacle Have in Common!

Who walks in the classroom, cool and slow
Who calls the English teacher, Daddy-O

Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown
He’s a clown, that Charlie Brown
He’s gonna get caught
Just you wait and see
(Why’s everybody always pickin’ on me)

Man oh man…the history books are going to be very, very unkind to my generation! Oh, the pain and suffering we have condemned ourselves to for the sake of avoiding pain and suffering!

When I was a kid, we moved from a very rural town in Connecticut to a very suburban town in Bergen County, NJ three quarters of the way through my 5th grade year. I had “Displaced Hick” written all over me. Bullied? I was the neighborhood punching bag…until I grew tired of being the neighborhood punching bag! Was it painful? Yes! Did I suffer? Yes! Would I change a thing? NO!! Because I understand today, that the adversity of pain and suffering yesterday is one of, if not the most essential nutrients of growth!  I am the man I am today, tougher, stronger and more self-confident because of it! Take away the adversity, and I guarantee you a softer, weaker and less confident individual by degree! Who would want that? (Other than an entity looking to transform the once rugged individual into the compliant collective of course.)

Today we live in a different world. For some strange reason, we are obsessed with the need to shelter and protect our children from just about every adversity known to man (everybody wins, nobody fails)…and in so doing, we are crippling them! One has to wonder how & why, after our parents raised us in the same “hard school” fashion as every generation before them…Why all of a sudden, after the Greatest Generation, did we change the formula?

Well perhaps this is our first clue. When you Google “Bully” you will find two things. You will first notice the massive amount of Bully-related links! Next, you’ll see that behind almost every single one of them is a giant business card that reads, “I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help!”

The other interesting factor in our sudden national obsession with bullying, if you’ll permit me, is that it emerged as a result of gay suicides…which have emerged as a result of a society “forcing” the normalization of homosexuality on itself! Please forgive my political correctness…or not. Either way, we’ve just turned the v to V in Victim! Boy, the Government showed up just in the nick of time, eh?

And before you get all up in me with your homophobic tar and feathers, which you would need to be man enough to attempt in the first place, I will tell you that I have gay Tea Party friends that I proudly stand with. I also have gay friends and family who support Obama. The difference is that one is fiercely loyal to our Constitution and takes full responsibility for the consequences of their choices and actions, where the other’s loyalty follows whichever flag caters to its own special interest!

So the bottom line is this, whether you’re a hick in a classroom of suburbanites or the queer in the straight classroom, you WILL be picked on and bullied. Now would be a GREAT time for mom & dad to enroll you in that Marshall Arts Class next door! All I can say is THANK GOD we live in America, where we are all FREE to be who we want to be…as long as we are prepared to deal with the consequences OURSELVES!

Shifting to the Euro-go-round, we have the exact same government is here to help disaster playing out before our very eyes! Only here, we have the forced normalization of the Free Lunch! Another defiance of Natural Law has the SS Cradle-to-Grave listing quite precariously at the moment (You can tell by the flames!). Natural Law– We can’t spend more than we earn! Euro Law– I can have Free Healthcare & Retire with Full Pension at 55! Choices have consequences and unfortunately for the Europeans, they have traded their sovereignty for the hope of security! Which leads us to…

                                   The Hamster Wheel of Life…and Death!

The Hamster Wheel of Liberalism>Social-Marx-Fasc-ism:

RealityYou cannot fit the Square Utopian Peg into the Natural Round Hole! – Ask God!

Delusion– Socialism makes the “All Pegs are Equal” promise it can’t keep!

Denial– Marxism capitalizes on the tendency of blame & envy over accountability!

Death– Fascism murders the first two after they’ve surrendered liberty for false security!

Choices have consequences and FAILURE needs to FAIL!!




Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to What Our Bully “Crisis” & the Euro-go-round Debacle Have in Common!

  1. barker13@frontiernet.net says:

    Jeez, Chip… OUTSTANDING column!

    Yep. A little bullying does a body good!

    NOT to say that bullying is good. It’s not. It’s a weakness of character! But your point that it’s part of life and experiencing it is how one reaches the conclusion is spot on. Indeed, to BE a bully is a learning experience as much as is being bullied!

    Bad things happen to good people.

    Good people do bad things!

    Yes… in the grand scheme of things our lives are the flap of a butterfly’s wings, but in terms of our perception… WHO we are is directly related to who we WERE at earlier points in time and what we’ve experienced throughout our lives.

    Again… OUTSTANDING column, Chip.

    • Shutupnsing says:

      Great points Bill! Yeah man, unhealthy patterns and cycles tend to pass down and repeat generation to generation…the abused becomes the abuser, etc. Suppression only empowers the negative into darker and more dangerous. I am here to tell you there is nothing more powerful than the moment fear turns to courage stopping the oppressor stone dead in its tracks! That is THE game-changer!

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