Calling All “Americans First”!

What About Freedom? (Please listen after reading)



You tell us that we’re haters, you lock us in our rooms…

You blow out every candle so we cannot see the truth.

But the light you did not count on comes from deep within our hearts…

We grew up together…you and me. We played the same Thanksgiving Day “pickup” football games every year on that field next to the town hall that some guy named Jigs kept perfectly manicured…just for us, it seemed. We cut the same classes, listened to the same records (frontwards and backwards) and worshiped the same heroes.  We discovered and were summarily rejected by the same beautiful women…probably because we dressed like we were from Appalachia…intentionally! The summers seemed to last forever, and then off we went…to college.

We’ve got our 40th High School Reunion this summer! The last one was just after the 9/11 tragedy. It was rejuvenating…even in the middle of something none of us really understood at the time. Hell we had grown up in the sixties, so I guess you could say we all had a fair amount of experience dealing with the inexplicable. But that glow was still there…just like I see with our kids and their friends today. The “ties” that bind!

I have to admit now that ten years later, a part of me fears who I am going to see when we meet again this coming August. Ten years ago, we were just older kids living in the same world. You were Mets & Stones, I was Yankees & Beatles. You voted Carter and I voted Reagan…but at the end of the day, just as rivals Scalia and Ginsburg, Reagan and Speaker Tip O’Neill often did, we enjoyed a beer together as Americans First!

But something is different this time. The 9/11 fog has lifted and there is a clear line that has been drawn by those who think they have the math worked out. In fact, they are betting all that they have that you will end up on one side and I will end up on the other. I am betting all that I am that they are mistaken! The following is a short list of reasons that we will unite to defeat our common enemy, because the following is simply unacceptable to us all as Americans First:

  • America has gone from being the largest creditor to largest debtor nation in 40 years!
  • We’ve gone from making things the world needs to printing the chains…to enslave it!
  • More banks and businesses around the world are refusing to accept the dollar!
  • Over 13% of Americans are on food stamps!
  • 43% of American Families spend more than they earn (MSN)!
  • We’ve gone from 61 AAA American companies to 4 in thirty years!
  • An Attorney General who perjures himself is still our Attorney General!
  • A former senator & governor steals $1.6 Billion, destroys rule of law & the integrity of the capital markets and then bundles $500K for an illegitimate President who promised to end cronyism! (All with the Attorney General’s blessing)

Our favorite song was Stairway to Heaven! I’ve just listed 8 Steps to Hell, and I was just warming up. The point is that these ingredients of tyranny, regardless of presentation, form a recipe that Americans First will NEVER swallow! EVER! It’s not in our DNA!

Think of one of our favorite movies, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I’ll be honest with you…ten years ago I thought we were all Randle J McMurphy! Today I realize that only one of us is. Today I am about to look you all in the eye after the last 10 years knowing that you are on this ward VOLUNTARILY! The question I have for you is a simple one. Which one of you is the Chief?

What about you? What about me? What about Freedom?

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to Calling All “Americans First”!

  1. says:

    People are wrong to call Obama a liberal. He’s anything but! Liberals – historically – stood for the values of our Forefathers. Thomas Jefferson was the consummate Liberal.

    Notice the use of “l” vs. “L”. I’m talking “Big L” Liberalism. And, folks… understand… “Big L” Liberalism is the stellar opposite of “Big L” Leftism.

    Obama is a Leftist. He believes in “liberty” only as distilled via government. He believes in the collective… Orwell’s collective where “some are more equal than others.”

    Obama sees himself as Plato’s “Philosopher King.”

    Obama’s philosophy is the antithesis of Freedom.

    • Shutupnsing says:

      I would agree! It is noteworthy to point out that this photo of him with the book was taken before we really knew who he was…

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