From the Statesman Stride of Honor to the Arrogant Strut of Narcissism!

Honor (Please listen after reading)

You know the old saying, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are!”? Well if you are pressed for time and you want to go straight to the heart of our worst problems, just fly by my gibberish and click on the link below to “Show me our Presidents and I’ll show you who we’ve become!

For starters, George Washington, whose own virtues bordered on divine immortality, paid the longest tribute and never used the words I, me or mine a single time! In each and every address following, the full scope and weight of the honor is given purposefully unto the hearts of those who stood in harm’s way and, in some cases, paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country…until we come to the merry old land of 44. Ah, Obamaville… where seldom is heard a teleprompter-free word and the troops are not mentioned all day!

When Washington met with his troops to bid them farewell for the last time, it was as if an army of sons were grieving the loss of their father. When we officially bid Obama farewell this November you will hear a deafening tidal wave of joy in the ranks from the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli!! They are way too professional and disciplined to show it, but you can never cover-up or disguise a singing heart my friend! 🙂

The lie has been cocking and crowing in such full strut for so long now, it has forgotten that it is not alone…until now! In fact, it now knows that it has been seen and so completely revealed…it is afraid to put itself into the glaring light of the traditional press conference! Six months since his last and counting…

From Reagan’s touching candle of solidarity and link to Walesa, to his courageous triumph over the dark forces of tyranny, the entire world now finds itself gasping from its front row seat for the Worst Act in American History…as our Naked Emperor bows to the New Boss leaving a desperate Chen and Freedom itself twisting in the wind!

Mea Culpa! Mea Culpa! We have become the ghostly shadow of that once strikingly beautiful heroine the ill-intentioned husband has been slowly poisoning to death with a mixture of opium and cyanide. With each passing day she looses more and more of herself until she has all but forgotten who she was to begin with. From the glowing spirit of the Shining City on the Hill to the wasted hollowed out soul of a lifeless junkie…Whitney Houston America! That’s me, that’s you, that’s every last one of us with the guts to stare into the mirror and face the truth!

The years have come, the years have gone…some 14,000 days…

What color can we paint this world with Honor in his grave?

I want my kids to know him, and learn to speak his name…

Honor is as Honor was…an everlasting flame.

So long ago, how could we know the blind would lead the blind…

Who was that man we turned away…he was a friend of mine.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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