The Orifice of Omaha!

Oracle (n) – ancient Greek or Roman priestess or priest who acted as prophet

Orifice (n) – mouth; opening

Would you like to know another way to say, “Americans must be the stupidest people in the world!” in just 3 universally recognized words? Corzine, Dimon & Buffet! Nice enough words in appearance right? If you didn’t know they were your fellow Americans, you would think medicine, a girl’s best friend and…food service, hmm…well I suppose these three would represent the polar opposite of the Beggars Banquet! Yes indeed, this Liar, Thief & “Oracle” would be the Crème de la Crème of Gourmet Cronyism!

In fact, if Cronyism was Baseball (keeping with favorite American pastimes); Corzine, Dimon & Buffet would be Mantle, Ruth & Gehrig! The President of “Hope & Change” who promised us transparency and an end to crony capitalism has decided instead to give Cronyism a massive steroid injection! With Main Stream Media fully on board, he pilfered the Treasury, turned stimulus into slush and rule of law into the Law of the Ruling Class! ResultAmerica on Life Support! And that was just his first term!

The Elites are at war with Christianity because they are at war with Truth! Our Murderer’s Row Trio happen to be Godless Secularists, and as such they are unbound by Truth! For Ann Barnhardt to lie, she would know in her heart she has mortally sinned. When Jon Corzine looked into the camera and swore before Congress (one liar to another) that he doesn’t know where $1.6 Billion of his customers’ segregated funds went while he was the CEO of MF Global…he was unbound by any such moral restraint. By the time you and I wake up to the size and scope of their evil syndicate, the dollar in your pocket will not be worth the paper it is printed on! All this happening while Congresswoman Hayworth was chasing down Schoolyard Bullies mind you!!

But what would a gourmet feast be without desert. And what desert would be complete without the cherry on top? Voila! Le Pièce de résistance…Le Buffet Rule (otherwise known as the shakedown of the non-crony capitalists)!

Now generally speaking…in a normal world :-), priests and prophets would be good people right? They would be the kind of people you would expect truth & integrity from right? So based on the above definition, and respect for the citizens of Nebraska…I would like to urge my fellow Americans to join me in petitioning the Mayor of Omaha and the Governor of Nebraska to officially change Warren Buffet’s title from The Oracle of Omaha to The Orifice of Omaha! Because in reality, we are talking excrement…major league excrement here!

And speaking of excrement, do you remember when Obama flew up to Wall Street just two months into his presidency looking for money…lots of money? I think his words were “My administration is the only thing standing between you and the pitchforks.

This leads us to how we spell EXTORTION in the new universally recognized language?

O-B-A-M-A & H-O-L-D-E-R!

Perhaps from Newsweek…   …a coup de grace to finally awaken the sleeping giant who’s apt to be quite angry!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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9 Responses to The Orifice of Omaha!

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  2. says:

    Chip. I addressed the Newsweek expose yesterday. You address it today. And Mitt Romney will address it…???

    And Nan Hayworth will address it…???

    And John Boehner and Mitch McConnell will address it…???


    Chip. It’s not a battle of Good against Evil we’re looking at. It’s an oligarchy enriching itself while destroying America.

    I hope and pray that those with the skills, courage, and resources I lack do what needs to be done.

    It’s the only answer, Chip…



    • shutupnsing says:

      “I hope and pray that those with the skills, courage, and resources I lack do what needs to be done.” Bill my friend…YOU are the answer to your own prayer. Each & every one of us was blessed by our creator with EXACTLY what you have so articulately described. If it is to be, it is up to WE!

  3. says:

    Not me, Chip! I ain’t gonna plot (let launch a successful mission) to assassinate Biden, Boehner, Pelosi, Reid, and McConnell simultaneously with a promise that if reforms aren’t made that each month the new “Congressional Leadership” will be taken out.

    See, Chip… that’s what it would take.

    Threatening to kick the worst of the worst out of office is more often than not an empty threat (see: Charlie Rangel) and even on those rare occasions where the citizenry succeeds in “firing” a politician, most of them are firmly in the oligarchy so their unofficial powers remain huge and if anything their ability to make money is increased.

    Nope. A Vince Flyne scenario is our only hope and it’s not gonna happen… at least it’s not gonna happen till things are so bad that there’s literally no hope of reversing course.

    It’s a catch-22 Chip. Violence is the only answer, yet, violence isn’t the answer.


    Now our personal morality doesn’t allow us to take an “Every Man for Himself” attitude… but realistically that’s the situation our kids and grandkids will be faced with. We may or may not see some REALLY bad things start happening as soon as within the next five years, but definitely within the next 25-35 years America is gonna resemble today’s Mexico more than we resemble 1960 America. And that’s best case!

    Hey… Chip… I’ll keep on banging my head against the wall… but the die is caste.

    The politicians don’t fear being killed for their transgressions, therefore like most criminals they’ll continue to commit crimes. For them… personally… the rewards outweigh the risks.

    Until that’s changed… (*SHRUG*)

    And again, Chip… it AIN’T gonna be changed. There is no real “Vince Flynn scenario.” There’s only the Pat Buchanan scenario… the Mark Steyne scenario… the Charles Murray scenario.

    There’s only decline and fall to “look forward to.”

  4. shutupnsing says:

    Interestingly, a good friend shared this with me…
    “There is a story about a 19 th century friar who was out tilling a field. He was asked what he would do, if he knew the world would end the next day. He replied that he would simply keep on tilling.”
    …and I would simply add that it is especially in the frame of this window that losers lose everything and winners win it all. Whatever you were put here to do, do it with every ounce of heart you can muster!!

  5. says:

    Not quite sure what your point is in relation to mine, Chip… (*CHUCKLING*)… but I’ll take it to mean that you have no specific disagreement with what I’ve written.



    • shutupnsing says:

      Hehehe…I have no “disagreement” with what you’ve written brother Bill! What I have is an observation of the “energy” of your words. They remind me of the infamous quote from the meteorologist Tex Antoine that got him fired years ago when he said in response to a rape story, “When rape is inevitable, relax & enjoy it!” There is a “fatalism” in the words you choose to describe our circumstances…VERY accurately, I might add. Words are like tall boots…My point in relaying the Friar story, is that where one set of words would inspire people into the fetal position, while others describing the same circumstances would inspire them to new heights…we have to ask ourselves a very important question. Which narrative would the central planners prefer we hear?

  6. says:

    Chip My Brother.. AMEN!

    You represent the optimism and hope that keeps me from packing it in and calling it a day.

    Please forgive me if (when!) at times my frustration boils over and I get a bit… umm… “short.”

    Yes… we MUST continue to fight. Never give up! Never surrender!


    • shutupnsing says:

      Bill, I feel and never question your enormous spirit my friend. For what its worth, I would trust you implicitly in the cause we both believe in…through thick and thin. No retreat, no surrender!

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