The Quote of the Century!

“Central Bankers have confused the Black Art of Central Planning with Central Banking by pretending they can see into the future and fix it.” – Jim Grant

I heard these words from the lips of Jim Grant as he spoke them to Tom Keene during his Bloomberg radio interview this morning. And then I chuckled to myself as I imagined Bowtie Keene with cold sweat, fingers and toes crossed hoping the words would drift through empty ears into some galactic dust bin. 🙂  Not so fast!

My next thoughts were, in this order:

  • Quote of the Day!
  • Quote of the Week!
  • Quote of the Month!
  • Quote of the Year!
  • Quote of the Century!

If our world were truly a living, breathing organism; Central Planning would be the Pancreatic Cancer to confound the most brilliant medical minds of the universe! Every single socio-economic ache and pain we are experiencing at this very moment is directly attributable to the spreading tentacles from the core essence of this insidious evil!

                                                     The Symptoms

  • Agenda 21!
  • Global Warming Scam!
  • The Euro Nightmare!
  • $16 Trillion in debt!
  • Occupy Wall Street!
  • The destruction of the dollar!
  • 12 Million Illegal Immigrants!
  • 46 million Americans on food stamps!
  • The destruction of the contract and rule of law!
  • Obama & DOJ refusal to enforce DOMA & bring Wall Street criminals to justice!
  • States bypassing citizen referendum process to legalize Gay Marriage!
  • Jesuit Georgetown University forced to cover up the name of Jesus by Obama!
  • The blasphemy of an illegitimate President! (if you read nothing else!)                                         

                                    The Cure-
Fear not my fellow Americans! Congresswoman Hayworth has the Bullies cornered!!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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