The Sunday Morning Tune-up, May 13th 2012 Edition!

Sometimes you have to understand who you are not, to realize who you are!

– Shutupnsing

Good morning Dear Friend! As I may have mentioned in a previous blog, my 40th high school reunion is coming up this August! Whew! 40 is a very…interesting number. Did you ever look back at your yearbook where- usually in the back- the “most likely to” predictions are made? I don’t know that anyone could have predicted my path, because I only found it recently myself. I had a few friends though that any of us would have bet the ranch on, good and bad. And then there were the prophetic dead-ringer nick names; Mooch who turned out to be a Socialist now living in Belgium (The Capital of Socialism!), and Gopher the ultimate head-in-the-ground Progressive Journalist…duh!

                                           The Moment of Realization

Interestingly; white, yellow, red, black, left, right – we all just seemed to be ordinary people who need people you know; the luckiest people in the world…until 2008 that is! This was around the time a few of us began to speak out and question things like the disappearance of prayer and social engineering in our schools, the everybody wins-nobody loses trend and most alarming of all…the radical translation of Hope & Change! We are going to fundamentally transform America is what he said. We didn’t seem to get it then. We do now!

My first moment of realization occurred while I was being attacked for defending these threatened and disappearing values. I had life-long friends, including the Socialist from Belgium, who chose to end our friendship because I would not abandon my beliefs and fall into lock step. Out of nowhere this huge Continental Divide…on one side, the seething venom of the Maher’s, Barr’s, Garofalo’s and Cher’s forming a toxic cesspool of hypocrisy; and on the other- we “extremists” who cleave to the very source of the mother’s milk (Happy Mother’s Day 🙂 ) that gave us life, purpose and the very nourishment of our American Exceptionalism!

My second moment of realization came with the spontaneous prayer, the dream and the unanswered letter to local clergy. I have seldom heard the voice of God more clearly! Not only have the Shepherds (as a body) abandoned their flock…they’ve abandoned Christ! This realization, along with the cancer diagnosis of a very good friend, inspired the beginning of the Sunday Morning Tune-ups!

My third moment of revelation came from the light of Ann Barnhardt. In the midst of my doubts surrounding the integrity of our clergy and our churches, her words were like runway lights to a pilot in a very bad storm, very low on fuel! God’s message– Never let the failings of the Shepherd keep you from me! Nothing can break our direct connection to Christ through the sanctity of the Eucharist! The Holy Catholic Church!

The third was the proverbial tumbler-clicking charm! All of a sudden everything just sort of lined up and made perfect sense. The blur of the past 40 years came into perfect focus. From the slow erosion of the values and principles described above to the election of a mysterious community organizer to lead the greatest nation on earth even further from the very sanctity of life and freedom itself!

From the sexing-up of our children through the pornographic filth pouring into our homes to the HHS Mandate, the Enterprise of Evil is in full swing! From the abortion mills of Planned Parenthood to Pills filled with powdered human baby flesh found by customs officials in South Korea…Imagine the profits!

Life & Freedom! This is how God works! Sometimes he comes to you through a friend who spontaneously grabs your hand to lead you in prayer. Other times he reaches out to take your finger from the very womb of creation. In either case, we must be ready to heed the call, realize who we are…and make the right choice!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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