The Entrepreneur & The Weasel!

King Weasel Weed

King Weasel Weed

The Entrepreneurial Flower

The Entrepreneurial Flower

Once upon a time there was a great country that evolved from a simple seed. The creation of the seed itself was far from simple and the subject of some controversy. But the fact remains, as fate would have it, that the seed took root in the soil of liberty where men were free to dream, free to succeed and free to fail. The seed became the glory of Western Civilization and the very source of mankind’s greatest achievements.

The best of times were those in which the seed’s offspring were humble and thankful for the harvest, in good times and bad…knowing in their hearts and accepting that all things were measured and dispensed in accordance with natural law. It was the steadfast faith in these foundational principles that turned barren into fertile and fallow into abundance. America became the entrepreneurial orchard of the world!

In the many affairs of the world, we are many things. One man’s down and out brief candle signifying nothing is another man’s Paradise Drive of Carpe Diem Dreamers dreaming the next transformational product or invention. But only from the soil of Western World by the very grace of God could such a productive garden have ever been possible in the first place. And so it has been for every generation of Americans…until now.

Eduardo Luiz Saverin is a Brazilian entrepreneur who became a citizen of the United States in order to realize his dream…a dream that created hundreds of millionaires, a number of billionaires and thousands of jobs. When you consider how desperately America and the rest of the world need and therefore value job-creators, you would think our leaders would do everything they possibly could to honor the Saverin’s among us and especially to nurture and protect our rich entrepreneurial soil…so that we grow more of them!

In 2009, I had the wonderful experience of visiting Israel with my family. One of the most interesting parts of the trip for me was to stand on holy ground in the holy land of the Golan. When you stand here, you understand the miracle of Israel because you are standing on a lush green island of freedom surrounded by the barren wasteland of oppressive theocrats and tyrants…and for the first time in your life you visualize the difference between the givers and the takers of the world.

When you look at an Eduardo Luiz Saverin alongside a Chuck Schumer, you are looking at Israel alongside Lebanon. You are looking at a giver alongside the taker. You are looking at the lush green entrepreneur alongside of a taking-weasel…A weasel that has only ever known taking…A weasel that despises and cowers from the light of liberty and freedom because the weasel needs the dependency of others in order to survive!

The greatest problem we face in America today is that, with an exception or two, there are 535 Weasels and a chief-executive gardner with a red thumb in Washington who have declared open season on the Entrepreneur, forcing them to flee to more favorable climates…just when we need them here the most!!

Hopefully the majority of Americans will be able to tell the Flowers from the Weeds & Weasels come November!


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4 Responses to The Entrepreneur & The Weasel!

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  2. says:


  3. Pegah says:

    Eduardo Luiz Saverin is an individual who morally is unacceptable by human society at large for his exploitation of others for his own selfish purposes. He belongs to the dregs of society and beneath such other dregs as drug dealers, drug users, alcoholics, thieves, liars, thugs, hustlers, con artists, griefers, pimps and spammers. He may have billions of dollars, but as a human being he is the scum of the earth. The following will be written on his grave: “He came, he went, and left a bad reputation for the dregs of the society”.

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