Fakebook, Bancomania & the Colossus of Liberty!

“These extravagant sallies of speculation do injury to the government and to the whole system of public credit by disgusting all sober citizens and giving a wild air to everything.” – Alexander Hamilton reacting to William Duer & Alexander Macomb’s government bond and bank stock manipulations of 1792.

So great was JFK’s respect for our Founding Fathers and Thomas Jefferson in particular that he once addressed a group of Nobel Prize winners informing them that they were “the greatest gathering of brilliant thinkers to visit the White House since Jefferson dined alone.” Jefferson knew! He saw today so clearly. He saw everything from the monster Hamilton created in Paulson, Bernanke and Geithner to a Facebooked-Society ensnared by its own narcissistic avarice!

By the end of Washington’s first term as President, the bitterly contentious and fiery feud between Jefferson and Hamilton over the centralizing of power at the Federal level had split Washington’s Cabinet down the middle. The tension of opposing Federalist and Republican visions held together by a torn and wavering Washington would have crushed the unprincipled balsa-like leaders of today. But the aging Washington endured to serve a second term as Jefferson“realized that he had irrevocably lost the battle for George Washington’s soul to Alexander Hamilton.”

The ignorant swill that escapes the leftist-lips when they speak of a “living” Constitution drafted by minds incapable of fathoming the complexities of our modern world drives me somewhere between rib-aching laughter and homicidal rage! When I think of the content of their character and the depth of their knowledge of the history of civilization…and then ponder the pond scum that is our present-day politician, it’s really more than I can stomach!

What if Jefferson had been more convincing? Would a Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis ever have occurred? Would the 2008 Financial Market Collapse have been averted? Would we be piling on to a massive $17 Trillion National Debt with $Trillion Deficit Spending year after year? Would we be teetering on the brink of a European Collapse threatening to bring down the rest of the world with it?

In 1792 in a world run by principled men, William Duer went to debtor’s prison for stock manipulation. Two hundred and twenty years later, a stooge for the Hamilton-inspired Oligarchy made himself a multi-billionaire for a manipulation a thousand-fold more sinister. Principled men created an Interstate Highway System to open America to Americans. Mark Zuckerberg created an insidious vacuum to suck up the mind and spirit of our children, opening the doors and windows safeguarding our individual liberties and freedoms to the barbaric lust of tyranny Thomas Jefferson so desperately warned against! The rest is a forgone conclusion… http://www.zerohedge.com/news/guest-post-italy-and-great-tax-revolt



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2 Responses to Fakebook, Bancomania & the Colossus of Liberty!

  1. jthomasin says:

    Interesting viewpoint on American history, I enjoyed this article.

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