The Sunday Morning Tune-up, May 27th 2012 Edition!

But this stranger is so hard to see, when we’re looking for someone to be.

The next winner will never be free….from his own loser…

Chip Murray, “Like I Do

There are three people in the world today; Freedom-loving Patriots, Power-obsessed Oligarchs and the Chronically Misinformed. I am thinking of the lines from a song I wrote about twelve years ago…My mama gave me soul and the heart to feel this world…My woman gave me hope and the light to see this world. Feeling and seeing is knowing Dear friend. But like every other muscle we have, they will atrophy from neglect…which is exactly what we have allowed to happen. And because it has happened, we are standing on the edge of our own demise…and most of us are completely oblivious!

                                     “I have lost all hope for our future.”

The quote above broke my heart. It broke my heart because it came from the first group identified above. Someone who wants the best for his country sees no hope for its future. I see many posts on Patriot sites that convey a view of the American Public that is, in my opinion, an illusion created by the second group. The Oligarchs know that in order to destroy us, they must first demoralize us into believing there is nothing left to fight for.

On this day of all days, Memorial Day Sunday, I am here to tell you the exact opposite is true. The spirit of Pointe du Hoc is as alive and well in the real heart and soul of America as is the very Grace of God! But because of the conditioning which has replaced our ability to feel and see with the desire to have and be accepted, we have become slaves to our attachments. We have become what we have instead of who we are! And the distinction is well beyond significant because what we have is about to disappear!

I have attached a link below of Ann Barnhardt discussing the evils of Facebook with Warren Pollock. I encourage you to watch this 7 minute clip with your children because in it they explain how we not only surrender our privacy to the Oligarch via Facebook, we are herded into their sheep pen of conformity as well! This is a place of true death!

Honor didn’t climb a vertical wall of death sixty-eight years ago so you and I could live to be loved by everybody wiling away the hours liking complete strangers on Facebook! They sacrificed their lives to give us the gift of liberty and freedom, believing…hoping in their hearts, that we would cherish the gift enough to fight for it ourselves so that we too would pass it on to our children!

As Barnhardt and Pollock have correctly stated, the 1st American Republic is dead! But this is not a cause for hopelessness, because the fact is that what we have allowed ourselves to become (as stated above), is in fact…a lie. Our Constitution has been shredded, rule of law (the very heart of a republic) destroyed and our government usurped by the Oligarch! Think of it as the end of a very long nightmare…

We are the dehumanized reawakened to our own humanity and celebration of true self. There is no fence in the world big enough or strong enough to contain our true self. The song you are about to listen to came to me from the heart of our creator…put to images assembled by my good friend Lisa Mei from BigDawg Music Mafia. There is only Hope for you and me. Leave the hopelessness for those who have truly destroyed themselves.

May God Bless you and your families on this Memorial Day, and keep the spirit of those whom we celebrate on this day in our hearts forever. Amen.



Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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