The War They Won’t Discuss!

It is as if years ago, we made the mistake of inviting a scrawny little junkie into our home. It seemed the “compassionate” thing to do. Over the years, things began to disappear but we were charmed into believing that we had misplaced them. As the years wore on, not only did the thefts increase in value and frequency but the scrawny junkie grew into a very big and nasty brute that no longer had to sneak around in the dark…it simply took what it needed in broad daylight! This does not end well my friend…

Has anybody stopped to realize that statistically, American men and women are safer on the streets of Kandahar and Baghdad than they are in Chicago, Detroit or Camden? At least I don’t recall of an incident in any of our foreign combat zones where 25 of our service men or women were shot in one night…do you? Makes you wonder how many of our inner city youth enlist and then pray for a tour in Afghanistan just to escape the real danger! …AND, they can drink all the Big Gulps they can gulp!!! 🙂

Do you know the difference between the bad guys on the streets of Chicago and on The Hill in Washington? The latter wears a suit, is above the law and kills with a pen. The most frightening reality of all is that the Criminal Regime that has occupied the White House, led by Obama and Holder, has given the marching orders of empowerment to the Hip Hop Gang-Bangers of Urbania while viciously prosecuting the Sheriff Arpaio’s for trying to protect tax-paying citizens who’ve always played by the rules! THERE IS NO LONGER A RULE OF LAW IN AMERICA!

The Taliban are lightweights compared to the Hip Hop Pit Bulls that have been bred to hate, ginned up and nurtured by a thoroughly radicalized pop culture in unison with the Marxist swill we invited into our public education system 40 years ago! At least the Taliban are morally bound to a strict religious code…however twisted it may be. You don’t want to know the Godless depravity that has been baked into that total self-indulgent shell behind those vacant eyes wearing the colors on the hood! Do you remember the animals that savagely beat and pepper-sprayed each other fighting for that $2 waffle iron that went on sale last Thanksgiving? Imagine that when there’s no food on the shelves…

So we know that many urban municipalities are running dangerously low on funds. Some have already declared bankruptcy and some are so bad off they can’t afford to light their streets at night. The other day I listened to two economists Warren Pollock and Karl Denninger discuss the mathematically impossible lie of our private and public pension systems! What happens when we can no longer pay our police? When that day comes, which many argue it will, you will not have to worry about Kandahar will you?

As horrifically sad as MSM’s blackout betrayal is, the saddest truth in all of this is that we are waiting for our own cavalry that may never show up because they themselves have become too intimidated to print the Truth. Fearing Truth as “too ideological”…they are far more comfortable in the threads of the narrative woven by their future Masters. Do you own a gun?,0,5184162.story


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