How to Find Yourself in Walkerville…or Obamaville!

Ain’t it funny? Tuesday night we went to bed in Obamaville and Wednesday morning we woke up in Walkerville! The contrast is so stark but we are all so fatigued from what seems like an eternity of dodging the shrapnel of bitter politics and an endless avalanche of big government encroachment and abuse…we’re all a little punch drunk with blurred vision! It may help to step back, get our bearings and reorient ourselves. Think of the Walker Wisconsin victory as the All Star break before the World Series of the November Election!

We may hear from the Supreme Court Justices as early as next week, and if they rule against Obamacare, that would make three consecutive weeks of devastating torpedo strikes to the midships of the Obama Re-Election Campaign…starting with last Friday’s Market-Crushing Jobs Report, this week’s Walker Victory and Strike Three from the Justices next week! But who knows with a press corps so doggedly determined to print his victory speech, anything is possible! And after so many rounds and so many punches it’s almost a given that most of us are asking ourselves, “Where am I?” So I thought this quick tour of both communities on this historic occasion (only 3 gubernatorial recalls in all US History!) would give us some much-needed bearings!


The first thing you will notice here is that people are friendlier, happier and more out-going. This has to do with the fact that many if not most of them believe in the Divine Creator as the very source of their rights, which happen to include the pursuit of happiness! This also comes from the solid foundation of self-reliance and the inner peace of knowing that hard work and perseverance will bear the fruit that dependency could never hope to find!

The next thing you will find are people who manifest qualities that you will easily sense, trust and strongly admire; courage, confidence, personal accountability, kindness, truthfulness, honor, integrity and generosity. These are all the natural qualities and characteristics of man in harmony with the very grace of God!

Here you will find many of the people you know as well as famous people, past and present. You will find George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman, Winston Churchill, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Samuel Clemens, Will Rogers, Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope, Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, Allan West, Marco Rubio, Sarah Palin, Larry Kudlow, Rush Limbaugh, Bishop Jenky, Deneen Borelli, Steve Katz, John Hicks, Barbara from Brooklyn, Toots Sweet, Ted Nugent, Lisa Douglas, Andrew Breitbart and of course Scott Walker.


When we first set foot in Obamaville, especially if we just came from Walkerville, the very first thing we notice is what it feels like here. It’s colder, heavier, darker and people are more distant and tense here. This is because the dominant energy here is of an Elite, Secular Statism that seeks the total destruction of faith in God, in order to create total dependency on the State! Courage, confidence and honor are essentially murdered and replaced with compliance, fear and blind ambition. Personal accountability, kindness, truthfulness and generosity wither into the shadows of blame; where mean-spirited, deceptive and hoarding Gollum-like creatures skulk the dimly-lit passageways where Honor once strode. These are the natural qualities and characteristics of tyranny.

And behold the flowing procession line of those gathered to kiss the ring of the Narcissist who follows in the footsteps of Napoleon, Stalin and Hitler. Chris “uncomfortable with heroes” Hayes, Bill “National Anthem is an Abomination” Press, Larry Flint, Cher, Ed Shultz, William Ayers & Bernadette “Blow ‘em Up” Dorn, Nancy “We have to pass the bill so we can see what’s in it” Pelosi, Bill “Sarah Palin is a c_ _ t” Maher, Michael “Ruling Class” Bloomberg, Barney “Gay Prostitute Host” Frank, Frances “Bring on the Violence” Piven, Jimmy “Lets take these SOB’s out” Hoffa, Steve “Lets collapse the market” Lerner and of course Barack “They do it for me” Obama…Get the picture?

Andrew Breitbart offered the highest compliment and praise I think I have ever heard one person bestow on another…and he paid it to the entire Tea Party Movement! Commenting on the original gathering in Washington that drew over a million people, he said, “I would leave my own child in the hands of any one of them without a concern in the world!

The good news…no, the Great news is that people all over this country are waking up in Obamaville and realizing THEY HATE IT HERE! And something even more encouraging than that…they are starting to remember what makes Walkerville Walkerville. And that is exactly what we came here for in the first place! 🙂

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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One Response to How to Find Yourself in Walkerville…or Obamaville!

  1. “Think of the Walker Wisconsin victory as the All Star break before the World Series of the November Election!”


    (*GRIN*) (*HIGH FIVE*)

    Yep. A 7-point victory for Walker was certainly impressive. Still… acknowledging what’s on the other side of the rainbow… what the vote also showed was that over 40% of Wisconsin voters are… er… NUTS! In short, they favor economic suicide.


    “We may hear from the Supreme Court Justices as early as next week, and if they rule against ObamaCare…”

    And if they don’t…???


    Still… (*STICKING MY CHIN OUT*)… I’m with you on your larger point, Chip – now is a time for optimism!

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