The Heart of the Matter!

“If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”– Winston Churchill

Having walked more than my share of miles in Liberal moccasins, it is not only easier for me to empathize with them…it is how I am able not to hate them for what they have done to America! Churchill had it so right!

What I am about to share with you is a perfect example of the rotten fruit from the Tree of Liberalism sickening America. 24 year old Andre Raphael, a career criminal from Brooklyn with 26 prior arrests, attempted to rob a man in Bed-Stuy telling him he had a gun. The would-be victim ran, flagged down the cops and warned them that he had a gun. The cops subsequently shot Raphael twice in the thighs. Raphael sued the City of New York and was “Rewarded” $150,000! Apparently there is an epidemic of 40 + year-olds in New York without a brain…

…which would explain how this Administration has been able to effectively scapegoat the job-creating 1% of Americans, knowing full well that if it confiscated 100% of their wealth it wouldn’t be enough to pay the interest on the national debt for more than a year! On the other hand, the Raphael Lottery Jackpots it flushes down the giant sucking toilet of Liberal Entitlements year after year would be enough to pay off our debt AND save Europe too!

Now juxtapose Andre’s good fortune with the story of your average college graduate moving in with mom and dad after the cap & gown…realizing the dream was over-sold! People have no idea what is coming our way. Hell hath no fury like entitlement scorned! But how in the world did this tree get into the orchard to begin with?

I have linked an article below that explains just that…from the very lips of former Obama Green Czar Van Jones. He describes how the Obama Campaign used the Arts and Pop Culture to win the hearts and minds of the young and Independent voters. It makes perfect sense when you think about it because it goes to the very heart of the Churchill quote above. We all develop from the inside out, and when we’re young it is ALL about heart, being cool…and being accepted by all the other cool hipsters! And most of us never really outgrow that…which is what the mid-life crisis is all about—the very fear of losing our hipness!

When the Liberal Left whines that it lost the Wisconsin fight because of Koch money, I have to laugh. That’s like King George tossing a fit for unfairly losing the Colonies to a bunch of farmers! When you stop and consider the breathtaking magnitude of the Liberal Leviathan…the sprawling axis of power created by the teaming of Hollywood, Organized Labor, Teacher’s Unions and their control over Public Education, the Music Industry and Mainstream Media…all marching to the beat of New World Order Globalists and Central Planners led and heavily financed by people like George Soros…against the Tea Party! WOW…that’s more David & Goliath than…David & Goliath!!!

I have a prediction to make. There is a huge reset coming that will largely be triggered by two very subtle changes;

1) Liberals (along with the rest of us) are about to get Liberalism’s Bill!

2) Conservatism is about to become the New Hip!

With that little Shutupnsing dash of soulful prognostication, please allow me to introduce you to the Vanguard of the New Hip, my musical brother in arms Mr. Toots Sweet as we take back Our House…

…and restore Honor to those who built it!

Speaking of Honor…I am honored to be sharing the stage with Toots and his band along with Kim Barron at the Meadowlands Fair on June 25th from 6-11pm! Please stay tuned to this Blog for further details! And if your appetite for Honor remains unsatisfied…

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to The Heart of the Matter!

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  2. Enjoyed the links, Chip!

    Your mission: Make Toots aware of Usually Right!


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