The Sunday Morning Tune-up, June 17th 2012 Edition

“The foundation of national morality must be laid in private families… In vain are Schools, Academies, and Universities instituted, if loose principles and licentious habits are impressed upon children in their earliest years…The vices and examples of the parents cannot be concealed from the children. How is it possible that children can have any just sense of the Sacred Obligations of Morality or Religion if, from their earliest Infancy, they learn their mothers live in habitual infidelity to their fathers, and their fathers in as constant infidelity to their mothers?” –John Adams 1778

Good Morning Dear Friend! If I had to name the one weakened energy that is the source of our greatest suffering, and therefore in need of the greatest healing…it would be our Father energy. What is most intriguing about this is the idea that, as pointed out in the Patriot Post below, the role of Father evokes our own Triune relationship; our relationship to God, our relationship to our own fathers and our relationship to our own sons and daughters. Imagine the miraculous possibility of this one intersectional healing…

But before we can imagine the miracle of such a healing, we must realize the nature of the devastating break in this key foundational location. As Mencius put it, “The root of the kingdom is in the state. The root of the state is in the family. The root of the family is in the person of its head.”  Naturally, the health and vitality of the head of anything is of paramount importance to the body as a whole. Why then have we decapitated ourselves as a society…figuratively speaking of course? Who, other than a radical feminist, would celebrate such a condition? But the fact remains; we have energetically ostracized and…expunged ourselves of real men. And without real men, Father-energy withers on the vine…and dies.

The bad news is that no one took this energy from us. We abdicated our own throne! The good news is that as long as we draw a breath, we have the power to reclaim it. But we need to understand that just as they have attempted to neuter America with apology tours, so have they done to the real men of America. And if you think I’m lying to you, I prescribe any one episode of HBO’s Mad Men to cure you of that delusion.

These voices have whispered a great lie in our ear for far too long…that we are nobody unless we are somebody. And following that Pied Piper lie, we have abandoned ourselves desperately in search of somebody ever since! The greatest role of the Father is to pass the torch of self-empowerment on to his sons and daughters…that they may do the same. In other words, the greatest role of the Father is to introduce you to the everything you already are! Imagine the time, energy and yes…lives that could be saved by calling off that wild goose chase!

It was real men that made this country and it will take real men to save it. So lets’ step up on this Father’s Day and give the real man in us a great big bear hug. He can take it! In fact, he is longing for it. And when we restore and renew him to health, we will no longer feel ourselves at the mercy of feckless men…which is the energy that passes for leadership today. Save him, and we save ourselves.

Finally, as the following tribute illustrates, our greatest gift of American Exceptionalism is the hallmark of our 4th Father relationship…our Founding Fathers. Happy Father’s Day and God Bless America!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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