The Middle of Hell!

I can tell you from my own experience that other than a broken heart, the realization that you have been used is the most painful emotional experience most adults will ever know. And that is exactly what the Middle Class of America is beginning to realize as a desperate president with zero credibility flops about the deck of the American stage like some pathetic flounder’s death-dance on the smelly deck of a charter boat.

He will get what’s coming to him. That is the Curse of the Elite. They coninually believe themselves to be above the laws of nature, regardless of what history tells them. It always ends…it’s never pretty, and there is always one hell of a mess to clean up in the wake of the great destroyers!

If Obama flopped like a fish, we have surely been gutted like one! And I am actually writing these words before the worst of it has occurred because the Hell we have prepared for ourselves is a mathematical certainty at this point! Yes…WE invited the monster into our lives much the same as pretty girls invite dangerous men, believing themselves to be the tamers of men. That seldom ends well either!

So now we are on virtual life support with barely a pulse between two gigantic sucking parasites leeched on to us; one at the foot and the other at the head. As Jim Quinn puts it in the article linked below, we are being sucked dry by the free shit corporate army above and the free shit entitlement army below! And the ultimate insult-to-injury slap in the face comes from the Big Government Ruling Class “Champions of the Middle Class” who take our money with one hand, and finance both armies with the other!!

Regardless of what the SCOTUS decides today, or who takes the White House and Congress in November, the Great Reset is upon us and as Springsteen once sang, it’s gonna be a twister that blows everything down that ain’t got the strength to stand its ground.   Quinn Article Here!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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