Eagles, Liars & Thieves

The Ballad of John Hall (Please listen with your heart)

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”– John F. Kennedy

Only Progressives, fools and the faint of heart define themselves by the winds of external circumstance. If you would be down today, then I would ask what has changed in you from yesterday to make that so. Liars and thieves have nowhere else to go but from one scheme to the next as liars and thieves, whereas you and I are good in our skin wherever we may be…free to pursue a nobler flight.

While our truest treasures can never be stolen, theirs is the most illusive currency because the lower they stoop to steal it, the lesser it becomes…leaving them always needing more and more and more of what, by nature, makes them less and less and less. You and I will kiss the Sun free from the burdens and the chains of envy, greed and the lust for earthly power that forces them to their knees and then to their bellies to slither endlessly in the dust.

To them, victory is in the taking. To us, it is in the being as God intended. As such, their greatest desire is to take what God himself has given us…which can only be achieved if they are able to deceive us into believing we are no more than they say we are. Sadly for the world, many of us have fallen to such a place, lost between the heaven and hell of their design…surrendering more of ourselves every day until we have exhausted the hope, memory and muscle required for flight.

It is in our darkest hour that we will find our greatest light…So it has always been! But in the instant of greatest opportunity lie the greatest dangers and the tipping point towards the coaxing of their convincing clarion. Here they will spin you the illusory of earthly comfort and security…conformity and prestige, until we can feel them reaching for our own desires.

It is precisely here, where we must deny them. In the instant they think they have us, we must hold them in our gaze. We are as close to the earth as we will ever come for this very moment…to look directly into and through the hollow cavity of their existence! Only here will they finally know their true reflection in the face of honor and courage, until they finally shrivel back into the very shadows that bore them. https://shutupnsing.wordpress.com/2012/04/05/the-red-flags-flying-high-over-the-men-in-black/


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to Eagles, Liars & Thieves

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  2. God bless ya, Chip… but… er… you totally lost me….


    We have a disaster on our hands. The Constitution is trampled. The Rule of Law has reverted to The Rule of Man and that more or less is fine with BOTH political parties – the only difference being that Democrats applaud lawlessness when it benefits their partisan agendas and Republicans applaud lawlessness when it benefits their partisan agendas.

    If God has been involving himself in U.S. politics then all I can say is that “His” candidates have lost.

    Assuming God was behind America from the start and that God is a fan of Liberty and the Constitution… then… well… “His” candidate – Ron Paul – has lost.

    Being the “pragmatist” I am…

    (Get up off the floor, Chip! Stop laughing!)

    …I was willing to support Newt Gingrich as the “pragmatic” choice.

    I was willing to support Michelle Bachmann… Rick Santorum… Mitch Daniels had he entered the race…

    But, Chip, if you’re telling me that GOD is a Mitt Romney supporter… well… that’s a bridge too far for me.

    Do you read the OLD Testament as well as the New, Chip? I liked THAT God! He was a God of judgement and decisiveness! He saw something was bad… let the smitting begin!

    No, Chip… I fear that the ongoing decline and fall of America is God’s “plan” in the sense of it’s the ultimate exercise of free will. The vast majority of our fellow citizens are ignorant, lazy, selfless, none too bright… and our politics reflects this.

    Hey… Chip… you can’t have it both ways! You can’t point to Reagan as a sign that God truly does love America without pointing to Bush and Romney and John Roberts and acknowledging that God seems to have abandoned us.

    Oh… to quote myself… yes… WE’VE abandoned US. Granted! I’m not “blaming” God. But, again, Chip, God gave us free will and it’s clear that the vast majority of Americans are unfit to exercise this free will – case in point… ROMNEY as the lesser of two evils.

    Jeez… Romney… and HE’S the “better choice!”

    Yep. If that’s not evidence that we’re on our own I don’t know what will convince you, Chip.

    Chip… when the comparative “good guys” are folks like our common friend (about whom we were chatting via email about earlier) who worships GEORGE W. BUSH more than he respects the Constitution… then to my mind it’s over.

    When we have “allies” who wish us to employ the same tactics as the Left… who demand “loyalty to party” above loyalty to Right… above loyalty to the Constitution… above loyalty to the Rule of Law… then in my mind there’s no real hope.

    Anyway… do me one favor. Read and re-read and re-read this post before you reply. Make sure you understand where I’m coming from before replying. Email me any questions you may have. Let me know if you need me to clarify anything I’ve written.


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