The Spirit of the “300” Lives on Independence Day!

Arcadian, I’ve fought countless times, yet I’ve never met an adversary who could offer me what we Spartans call “A Beautiful Death.” I can only hope, with all the world’s warriors gathered against us, there might be one down there who’s up to the task. ~ Stelios

What do you see when you look to the East? I see the ancient fathers of civilization gazing to the West and wondering, “Who will we be?” I see a father and son whose dreams and aspirations were as infinite and bright as the cloudless night over Athens, doing their level best to hand us something of tangible value across the continents of time.

Tomorrow we will celebrate the fact that 236 years ago a handful of patriots had the intellectual capacity, knowledge of history and depth of character to grasp the significant essence of that gift and clutch it to the bosom of what would become these United States of America. To my heart there is no greater sin than to fill your lungs with the fresh air of the Martyrs’ Gift, while dishonoring them with repugnant indifference on the exhale. But how many among us will stand with our sons tomorrow night, to look beyond the rockets red glare…into the future with the same intentions as the ancient fathers did, looking out for us?

I read the headline; “Will This Independence Day Be Our Last?” the other day and couldn’t help but wonder how many of us are oblivious to the possibility of that being the case? Whoever does not see this has neither the will to see, nor the heart to feel.

The very ground beneath the ancient benefactors of our tangible estate has collapsed from the rot of intangible devils play! The Persian God-King has a message for Europe which echoes here…Bow Down! And further east to Jerusalem…to the “Arab Spring“?

Some of us have given up…I see my own family, friends and neighbors in the heat of a conflict they do not perceive as theirs, choosing to live for their possessions! The inheritors of everything…prepared to risk nothing! Others, who foolishly believe the God-King will take better care of them than they could themselves, offer their allegiance and a post card from Hell:


The rest of us know that whether we are three million, three thousand, 300 or 1 ~ our spirit lives. And we will gladly choose the honor of a “Beautiful Death” today for the promise of tomorrow…as we look to the West:

It’s Independence Day in my neighborhood

Where the people are friendly and life is good

Where the silver moon knows when the Sun goes away,

Tomorrow she will shine on Independence Day!

 My Father’s Home

 Never Retreat! Never Surrender!

NoteA hearty thanks to Lisa Mei at BigDawg Music Mafia for making the video of Independence Day! 

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  2. shutupnsing says:

    You too Bill…have a safe trip!

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