Scaling “The Wall” with Tyler & Roger!

I needed to thank Roger Waters for the greatest night I have had in many, many years. Last night was pure magic and light from the angel on the subway to the first musical notes and pyro-bursts that pierced the night sky over Yankee Stadium!

Former Pink Floyd front man Roger Water’s production of “The Wall” was spectacle beyond brilliance! Whatever your musical and political tastes happen to be; I implore, beseech and beg thee to drop what you’re doing…immediately after reading this and get your tickets today!!

Written by Waters in 1979, The Wall is the most daring and powerfully revealing portrait of the Evil Statist and Central Planner closing in on us this very day! At 68 years old, Roger Waters stands up to the man as only an old British rocker can! I also need to thank another creative genius, Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge (A financial blog inhabited by Libertarian-leaning reformed brokers and economists) for turning me on to this fabulous experience!

Water’s takes the stage in black leather and dark glasses to open the show with an emotional tribute and dedication to a young 24-year-old Brazilian man tragically gunned down by London police in 2005. It frames the central theme of his show masterfully because it is his personal heart-felt and emotionally compelling warning to the rest of us:

Giving Government too much power is the “slippery slope to Tyranny!”  

…as the drones buzz over our very heads!

I realized something very important last night. The State with all its resources is no match for the ultimate light of Truth. As I said above, regardless of our musical and political tastes, there is something that seeks to unite us all…and that something is Truth, pure and simple. The Statist and Central Planners are power-abusers by the very definition of their evil intent…the intent to divide and conquer!  

Remember this…Darkness does not exist. It is an illusion created by the absence of light. Light does not run from darkness. It is, I’m very happy to say, the other way around! This is why it is absolutely imperative for us to allow ourselves to be found by Truth. Because one person standing in the light of truth is a thousand times more powerful than one thousand blind followers of entitlement, which makes Truth the Ultimate Shepherd that will unite us…as long as we possess the courage to go where it leads us. That, my friends, is The Wall that we all must scale because living any other way is not really living!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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