Sunday Morning Tune-up, July 8th 2012 Edition

I found myself caught between two opposing views this past week. The one view is of a Republic already dead with no recourse at this point other than an actual “junta” to wrest control back from the usurpers. The other view holds the belief that our Republic as it exists, still possesses the integrity to correct itself as originally intended.

Good Morning Dear Friend! How is that for diametric? Of course both views are held by people actively engaged and paying attention. I try not to think about the numbers of us who choose to look away instead. If history is any judge, they are sure to win the loudest complaint contest when actions and inactions finally meet consequence.

But it was in the tension between the first two that the following thought occurred to me.

My father passed away in 2001 after a year-long battle with cancer. The thing I regret most about his death was that he died without knowing his death. This was due primarily to the doctors and caregivers who chose to have him think the unbeatable was beatable…right up to the very end. Here in the West, we tend to think of this as merciful. A sort of ignorance is bliss mentality you might say…

On the other hand, there are other cultures…Buddhists for instance, who would shudder at the thought of such mercy. To them it is essential to be fully in relationship with death as if it is your best friend. Complete cognizant awareness of death is vital to the Buddhist mind because it is that mind that determines the next incarnation.

From here, the mind of indifference is not an option…which leaves us to scrutinize the first two. I would argue that just on the basis of natural law and numbers, the first view is objectively the more credible. I find myself having to work harder to support the second view…but not just because I have to, but because I want to.  


Of course the one character we haven’t discussed yet is Truth. Where is Truth in all this talk of life and death anyway? Do we care to know Truth? Are we prepared for the Truth? Or have we surrendered to the notion that Truth is what we make it to be? All very important questions to anyone serious about choosing either of the first two views, wouldn’t you agree?

“The Truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable!” Why is that I wonder? Not it may, or it could…it will make you miserable. Could it be because of a tendency to choose the easy path when left to our own device? That, in the context of a longer distance, the smallest miscalculations along the way guarantee the greatest variance from our course the further we travel…according to natural law? Or have we grown big enough to dismiss nature now too? 🙂

I’ll tell you what I do love about the second view. I love the energy of optimism, the idea of incremental and the element of faith that come with it. But these qualities are meaningless without the burning desire for Truth! Fortunately for you and me, Truth has a burning desire to find us…which would seem to indicate the opportunity for connecting is that much greater, thanks be to God! 🙂



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