The Sunday Morning Tune-up, July 15th 2012 Edition


Noun 1. demoralization – destroying the moral basis for a doctrine or policy


degradation, debasement – changing to a lower state (a less respected state)

  2. demoralization – a state of disorder and confusion; “his inconsistency resulted in the demoralization of his staff”


confusion – disorder resulting from a failure to behave predictably; “the army retreated in confusion”

  3. demoralization – depression resulting from an undermining of your morale


depression – sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy


Good morning Dear Friend. I wish to dedicate the spirit of this writing to my hero Lisa who has given and continues to give well beyond what God expects from most of us…

                                                Dancing with the Devil

With great truth comes an even greater energy to suppress, distort and distract from it. Welcome to another edition of the Sunday Morning Tune-up, a place designed to keep our spiritual engines free of soul-clogging gunk and our windshields clean so that we are able to clearly see the road ahead.

A few years ago I met a very nice gentleman who happened to be a member of the faculty of the University of Michigan…who also happened to be an Independent Conservative in his thinking. His was one of the most depressing human situations I think I’ve ever known. He actually confessed to me that he had been beaten into ideological submission and allowed himself to be resigned to it. “It just wasn’t worth the fight…” he told me. I challenge you to give me a greater example of the walking dead!

As many of you know, I advise clients as a Certified Financial Planner for a living. Last week I was briefed by a Certified Public Accountant on the business-stifling tax implications and ramifications of Obamacare. When I shared the “independent” summary handout with other producers in our office, this was the top producer’s response to me;

“Tell that CPA to go to Hell. We are too busy trying to generate PC to take care of our family, so ask him to stop wasting our precious time with this nonsense.”

Note- This incident in and of itself is fascinating and will be the focus of my “Precious Time” piece on Tuesday!

Do you understand where we are? Good people and lots of them are consciously parsing truth to make it conform to their needs! The first gentleman acknowledges truth and gives up. The second gentleman denies truth by giving it another name (nonsense) and moves on. This is the flow of demoralization! When the conservative faculty member in us becomes surrounded by the truth-parsing producers…we end up going along to get along as our only perceived means of survival.

Please take a moment to read yesterday’s “Centralization of Real Power…” as it sets the stage nicely for what I am about to say. Because if you believe anything at all about what they are feeding you with regards to politics and our capital markets, then I’m wondering how you weaned yourself from Santa and the Tooth Fairy!! But this is the tragic consequence of their cable service feed directly to the cortex of our brains for all these years!

The devil has a multitude of smiles and charms to lure us to the dance floor…not the least of which is seeing many of our friends out there smiling and having a good old-time! But we will dance out of necessity too won’t we? After all, who among us does not have to “take care of our family”? Or, how many of us “would rather have a weak Nan than a strong liberal” in our local political arena? And so we compromise truth and look the other way for what exactly? Are we so good on our feet that we will be able to leave the dance floor on our terms? No friend…If Nan wants this dance then your music and her true redemption are the terms! Otherwise, you are not prepared to give what she will take from you…trust me!

This Dear Friend is the Dance of the Great Sifting and there is truly only one thing in your possession that is worth holding on to at ALL costs! I sat down with my priest last week to ask him to post an upcoming Michael Voris lecture (linked below) in the church bulletin. He replied that he could not post anything political for fear of losing tax-exempt status. How is it, I wonder, that they do not suffer the same fear…  I truly pray Dear Friend, that you will know enough when the time comes to sit this one out!

On the other hand, Truth will be the Master of Ceremonies for this particular dance…if you are so inclined While we were sleeping!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up, July 15th 2012 Edition

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  2. You could add complacency and lukewarmness to your list of definitions. I’m not directly affected by Obamacare since I’m Canadian, but the problem is universal, isn’t it, right down to your priest who won’t post Michael Voris in the bulletin.

    • shutupnsing says:

      You are so right my Canadian friend! The threat to individual freedom & liberty is indeed a universal and global one. We have one hell of a fight on our hands!

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