The Boy Scout Oath

On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

My Stepson is finishing his Eagle Project as I write these words. I myself became…distracted from this wonderful achievement and never advanced beyond the rank of Life Scout. Sam is an exceptional young man who brings the increasingly rare combination of honor, heart and intellect to just about everything he approaches.  

Yesterday, I happened to tune into a New York Politician-turned media host’s (an alarming trend) diatribe against the Boy Scouts for reaffirming their ban on gay scouts as well as gay scout leaders. I have to say it did my heart a world of good to know that there is at least one institution left in America that takes the term “oath” seriously. Of the many politicians who have violated theirs, from this President on down, I’ll bet you that not one of them was an Eagle Scout!

You see, I myself would have no issue with gay scouts or gay scout leaders if the Boy Scout Oath had been composed of 39 words instead of the 40 that we pledged to uphold. Unless you are able to convince me with some credible evidence that “GOD” has changed his mind, then I’d say the Holy Scripture is quite clear on the subject of homosexuality. So in reality, asking the Boy Scouts of America to lift this ban is asking them to violate the sworn oath of millions upon millions of us! N-O-P-E!

I will have more to say on the subject as it relates to Marriage, Family and _____________ in tomorrows “It’s NOT the Economy…Stupid!

In the meantime, 3 Cheers for The Boy Scouts of America!



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9 Responses to The Boy Scout Oath

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  2. Andoni D. says:

    As a former Boy Scout -Troop 25 – St. John the Theologian of Tenafly, NJ – this was a very refreshing read! Amen!

  3. Jodi Sander says:

    OK, As the MOTHER of the soon to be Eagle scout, I will agree that he is an exceptional person. I am proud to be his mother (with or without the Eagle title) and he is proud to be a boy scout and soon to be Eagle scout. He has worked very hard to achieve that. HOWEVER, The one thing we are not proud of, is their ban on gay boys or leaders. Are they afraid that because the boy (or man) is gay that they cannot contain their sexual desires? Would that also hold true for any teacher or leader or person that is heterosexual? Do they believe that if a person is gay that they are just a sexual junkie continuously looking for the next fix? Believe it or not, some of my very best friends (and family) are gay, and I would hold them up to any standard of propriety that you can muster up. They are the personification of compassion, honor and intelligence. No better or worse than I am or dare I say than you are.
    Do you actually know for certain how God feels? Did he actually tell you? Is it really so crystal clear? If you talk about the scripture, then you would also talk about stoning women for adultery etc. You can’t just pick what works for your argument. You have only what you believe to be the word of God, as it was written by men, long ago. The God I believe in loves everyone the exact same regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation! The God that I believe in and that I pray to loves us all without judgment or hesitation … liberals and yes even conservatives. He is not to be feared. He is to be revered and loved just as children love the parents that love them.
    This is about civil rights. It was not so long ago when blacks had to sit in the back of the bus, and not marry whites, etc. This is no different. We need to, if we are to continue to exist , understand that we are all on this planet together. The differences only serve to make it a more interesting place to be.
    So settle down, and live your life like God is watching.

    • Chip says:

      Newsflash: The BSA Board did just that…they reaffirmed their Policy because according to their faith, God is watching. They are not imposing their values on anyone. They are simply saying that if you want to be a member of their organization then you should be prepared to accept theirs.

  4. Jodi Sander says:

    That is just a very sad commentary on the close minded BSA organization! Thanks goodness that my son will get out unscathed.

    • letspolitick says:

      I don’t find it sad at all. The reality, whether you agree or not, is a very large percentage of Americans do not agree with homosexuality. That does not mean we go around gay bashing & chastising gays. It simply means we disagree with the behavior/lifestyle. I too know gay people and work with them on a daily basis. I respect them to the utmost, consider the great people, but because of my Christian beliefs I don’t agree with that lifestyle. I AM ENTITLED TO THAT OPINION, AS IS THE BSA!

  5. Chip says:

    Of all the politicians who have violated their oaths of office…how many of them would you guess were Eagle Scouts?

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