It’s NOT the Economy…Stupid!

War on Marriage & Family is always a top priority of totalitarian regimes, as the Family is the prime threat to Tyranny. ~ Ann Barnhardt

…it’s the MARXISTS! Recognize and fix that and the economy will heal itself as economies are naturally meant to do! And the very first step in that recognition is the realization that;

1)      The terms Marxist and Evil are 100% interchangeable.

2)      There can be NO compromise where Evil is concerned.

How is it possible that the same generation that was always taught to tell the truth now chooses to marginalize and conditionalize it? How is it possible that the only grass-roots “party” that has consistently warned us of the words that would flow from Obama’s lips on July 13th in Roanoke Virginia, has become a pariah of extremism in the mind of even a single American? And yet how many of us Conservatives, who love the Tea Party behind closed doors, recoil from overt association! My God…the ring they have in our noses!

  • Is it the economy that sucks endless sums of money through our property taxes into public school systems that sanitize and stupefy the minds of our children…replacing appreciation for, with resentment of our American Exceptionalism?
  • Is it the economy that gins up the public to coddle entitlement, appease the aggressor and violate private property rights to encircle success with pitch forks and torches?
  • Is it the economy that has turned the Holy Eucharist into alters for pagan worship, and priests into pawns of the State?

It was not the guns and it wasn’t the economy that senselessly destroyed innocent life in Aurora, Colorado! It is the most deadly virus on the planet and we have allowed it to infiltrate our schools, our churches, our culture and now our White House! Only It can turn Brother against Brother, Virtue into Vice, Faith into Fear, Love into Lust and Excellence into Envy…and Movies into Murder.

I spent the most eye-opening and informative 72 minutes of my life the other day listening to the most courageous woman on planet earth lay out the startling comparisons between the fate of the Vendee during the French Revolution and what is happening right here in America today! I am telling you there is a reason you do not know the story of the Vendee…and a far greater reason that you need to know! It is our story, but it doesn’t have to be our ending…

Vendee Part 1 ~

Vendee Part 2 ~

Vendee Part 3 ~

Vendee Part 4 ~

Friends, if I advance follow me! If I retreat, kill me! If I die, avenge me! ~ Vendee Gen’l Henri de la Rochejaquelein

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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