The Insolvent States of America…in 5 Minutes!

I’m going to share two wonderful bar tricks that are guaranteed to make you money! …because, as the video below will confirm, we will all be very broke very soon!

1)      The Lightening Hand

Materials ~ 1 darkly tinted beer bottle, 1 thin dime and 1 (or more) fellow patron(s) with money.

The Set Up ~ You simply embody confidence, look the patron(s) in the eye while you place the dime under the beer bottle saying, “I hold a black belt in Metakeyu, and my hands are so fast I am able to remove this dime without touching the bottle.” Make wager.

The Trick ~ Slowly sliding your hands so that they closely flank the bottle but are clearly not touching, you make a warrior grimace like Bruce Lee having a bowel movement…like your gonna pop that artery in our neck. And then suddenly sweep your hands back from the bottle keeping them together as if you’re now holding the dime…with the sweet smile of victory on your face. 9 out of 10 times the patron(s), in a reflex move, will pick up the bottle to find the dime still sitting there…which you now remove, not having touched the bottle. You then collect your bet! 🙂

2)      The Magic Cork

Materials ~ 1 empty wine bottle with cork pushed back completely inside the bottle so that it falls to the bottom, 1 cloth napkin and 1 (or more) fellow patron(s) with money.

The Set Up ~ Sitting at a table with place settings and the empty bottle of wine (patron(s) doesn’t realize napkin is part of the trick) you inform the patron of your “powers”, and after they roll their eyes you bet them that you can remove the cork without leaving the table or breaking the bottle.

 The Trick ~ Fold the napkin diagonally, corner to corner so that your napkin is now folded in the shape of a triangle…two points at the fold and one point where the opposite corners came together. Slowly feed the napkin (fold point first) into the bottle, twisting it like a screw until the tip is nearly touching the bottom (you should be holding bottle sideways at this point). Now reverse twisting, and maneuver the napkin so that the fold opens up enough to create a little boat-like opening. Now you simply shake and jiggle the bottle until the cork ends up in the boat. And then you slowly pull the napkin out of the bottle. When the cork in the boat gets to the neck, the sides of the napkin will naturally tighten around the cork. Now all you have to do is grip the bottle tightly and pull hard. The napkin & cork will fly out of the bottle. You then collect your bet! 🙂

I am sorry to say that the rest of today’s piece is far less entertaining. There is no magic or slight-of-hand with it at all. In fact there is a ton of the greatest black magic and political slight-of- hand in the world all around it to keep us from truly seeing it…which is why they are so desperate to marginalize the Tea Party! They are the only set of eyes focused on the other hand!!

This is a non-partisan video produced by an accountant, Hal Mason, retired after 27 years with IBM. He looks at the Federal budget, its revenues and expenses and very simply illustrates the problem. Amazingly, we get all the media talking heads blathering and shouting for hours, and never get clarity. This guy does it in 5 minutes. A must see!


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