An Open Letter to the World!

Good Morning Friend:

Please take a moment to hear what I have to say. There are the two stories playing out in America today that will determine our fate. 

1- Corruption at the most critical center of our national “circulatory system”, our capital markets. Fatal!

2- The infiltration by Radical Islam into the highest levels of our government. Fatal!

These two stories combined deliver a one-two punch we will NEVER recover from! We cannot allow this to happen.

Many of you are aware of the recent revelations that MF Global (Jon Corzine) was a client of Eric Holder’s Law Firm. And that former FBI Director Louis Freeh, the Trustee for the MF Global Bankruptcy, was also a character witness for Holder who worked for him at one point. Get the picture?

Some of you are also aware of the heat Michele Bachmann (along with 4 other members of Congress) is taking in the press for requesting that the Inspector General conduct a formal inquiry into the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence and ties to key offices and officials of the government…while the rest of Congress cower beneath their desks.

They” are doing everything they possibly can do to take our eye off these two balls and make this sinking ship appear absolutely normal.

I have posted two links below. 1) Rep Keith Ellison’s letter to Bachmann 2) Rep Michele Bachmann’s response. Here is a wonderful piece of investigative journalism connecting the dots! No, not CBS or NBC!

As for the incestuous steaming pot of slime that is our Justice Dept., who better to read than the person who fearlessly called them out last year in her 7/26 update entry at 

Here’s the exchange between Ellison & Bachmann…you decide where Truth resides here!



We are about to be split into two groups my friends: The “If you can’t beat ’em join ’em” crowd, and those of us fiercely loyal to the “heart” of America crowd. 

Our best hope is the same as it has always been; 

1- Know who you are, what you believe and what you stand for.

2- Support the voice of truth and courage locally and globally. Write to the Bishop Jenkys, the Barnhardts and the Bachmanns, etc., and let them know you are with them! That means everything to them!

3- Pray to God Almighty with every might your heart and soul can muster! Attend seminars such as this one (linked) to hear the truth, get inspired and extend your network to include the positive energies of other courageous souls. I’ll see you there!

4- Pray for those who haven’t found that courage yet, that they may! 


May God Bless Us All!



Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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