The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Fear Itself

"Generous of Heart, Constant in Faith, Brave in Adversity"

“Generous of Heart, Constant in Faith, Brave in Adversity”

“Nobody can fight properly and boldly for the faith if he clings to a fear of being stripped of earthly possessions.” ~ St. Peter Damian

Last week I introduced you to Deirdre. A few days after our skype conversation, she sent me a photograph of her mother Bridie’s grave. My eyes went straight to the modest epitaph in the lower right hand corner of the stone;

Generous of Heart,                                                                                                     Constant in Faith,                                                                                                                Brave in Adversity.

I shared with you how Bridie and her family opened their home to me, an American tourist and complete stranger, 33 years ago. What I did not share, is that Bridie’s husband was killed by an American tourist and complete stranger driving on the wrong side of the road, years earlier when the children were still babies. She herself shared this with me as I was driving us from Shannon Airport to her home in Bishopstown, Cork…I’ve never driven as carefully since.

To “suffer as a Christian” is to suffer because there is an essential difference between you and the world which rouses the contempt of the world, and the disgust and hatred of the spirit that is in the world. To “suffer as a Christian” is to have no answer when the world’s satire is turned on you, as it was turned on Jesus Christ when He hung upon the cross, when they turned His word into jest and jeer; they will do the same to you. He gave no answer, neither can you. ~ Oswald Chambers, Suffering as a Christian

Generous, Constant, Brave…I have to say, in retrospect, that my time with the Murphy’s in that spring of ’84 was perhaps the greatest blessing God has ever granted me. What He gave me then, as I can see so clearly now, was a valuable lesson in the gorgeous beauty of plain-simple living. If you recall your life in the mid-eighties, we were in the early stages of what I like to call, our techno-gadget-seduction. Trust me when I tell you, the one-two combination punch of Vatican II followed by the “fruits’ of the Silicon Valley Toy Company drove us to the mat, and nearly cost us our Republic on November 8th! Our knees are still wobbly…don’t you dare imagine us out of the woods of this globalist snare of a nightmare yet. But landing in Ireland 33 years ago, for me, was as stark a contrast as Kansas to Oz. They still talked to each other on rotary-dial phones that seldom worked, conversed with each other face-to-face, sang to each other spontaneously in pubs that were designed for family gatherings after mass, rather than pick-up joints before sex. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so welcome, so alive, and so grateful.

OK, snap out of it! That was a lovely dream wasn’t it? You (baby-boomers) could actually touch, taste and feel your recall of what I just described couldn’t you? If you would have described our world today in any detail at all to any one of us back then, we would have thought you crazy…because not a single one of us in our right mind would have ever accepted such a place. Truth is not what we want it to be my friends. Truth is the bloody hard wood of the globalist wheel that we are all pressed upon…exactly like the Turkish prison wheel in the movie Midnight Express. Whether we’re just unpacking our bags from a lovely vacation in Aruba, or opening the mail to find our eviction notice, we are ALL but the very select few of us, on the very same wheel!

Generous of Heart…giving without expectation. Constant in Faith…imagine if we prayed as constantly as we exercise at Gold’s. Brave in Adversity…get off the wheel! Better yet, turn their clockwise game counter-clockwise just as Billy Hayes found his turning-point in the Turkish prison…perhaps the most powerful scene in the movie. Nothing left to fear. Are we there yet?

RIP Chief Robert Rabbitt ~ I love you Bridie.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ This Could Be Heaven, Or This Could Be Hell

"The Monster that has to be fed."

“The Monster that has to be fed.”

“Before man are life and death, good and evil, whichever he chooses shall be given him.” ~ (Sirach 15:16)

I began my Saturday, February 25th morning at TCT as I always do. “How We Give Hell a Chance.”

Strange days…I tell you, strange days are gifts like any other, because they tell us things we need to know. Yesterday (2/25) morning, I connected by skype with a woman who is like a sister to me. I had met Deirdre on my maiden voyage to Ireland in the spring of ’84. We became instant friends and more like family ever since. Although marriage, kids and time have come between us, there is a quality of connection that is hard to describe…love works.

So I skyped straight into their kitchen atop a great pub in Ireland, southwest of Cork. She and her husband Jez had recently bought the pub and moved back home from the UAE after finishing their careers abroad. So there we all were; myself, Deirdre, Jez, and their daughter and two sons. I had never met or talked to Jez…or the kids. Deirdre and I hadn’t seen each other for at least twenty years. Here’s where the strange comes in…first you must know; there are no people on earth more cordial, congenial or genuinely friendly than the Irish.

When the talk turned to Trump, the room changed. Now, Dee scolded me as I half expected her to do as the staunch Liberal I knew her to be. But she did so in a loving way. Her husband, on the other hand, was downright rude. He wouldn’t talk to me directly, but rather talked about me as if I were some sort of thief or criminal there to rob them. It was shocking. Dee gave him “the look” and told him to button it…but the damage was done. We actually finished our conversation with my recital of my poem which I will leave at the end of this tune-up. That was yesterday morning.

Yesterday afternoon, I came across the banner headline at the top of Drudge; Scorcese: “It’s a Scary Time”. Well, as it turns out, Scorcese made these comments while he was in Dublin to collect a gold medal from Trinity College’s Philosophical Society. “‘It’s a scary time.’ Referring to the rise of global terrorism, Mr Scorsese said that the aftermath of the 2003 Iraq invasion ‘had created thousands and thousands of Travis Bickles.’ Bickles is the depressed loner at the centre of his classic 1976 thriller Taxi Driver who is drawn to violence in his disgust against the decadence and sleaze he perceives around him.”

OK…so here we have the King of Hollywood, where President Trump is arguably the most despised and hated man on the planet, invoking Travis Bickles (played by De Niro) and actually calling attention to “the decadence and sleaze” as one of the greatest purveyors of it! He goes on, according to The Belfast Telegraph, to “attack celebrity as a monster that has to be fed” as if he has absolutely no connection to it at all.

And finally I capped my strange day listening to part of a CPAC speech by Mr. BREXIT himself, Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party:

“Our educational establishment through school, college and university, have been so completely hijacked by the Liberal Left, who actually in the classical OED definition of it, are the most dishonorable people I’ve ever seen or met in my life. And they have indoctrinated an entire generation that any other point of view is detestable and should be banned…this young generation who screams words like fascist, have themselves become the fascists.”

Before us all “Life and Death, Good and Evil…whichever he chooses.”

From a much better place…

A Land Called Ireland

If your soul is tired & weary,

then my friend give a listen to me.

Go to a land called Ireland,

not so far across the sea.

And if in fact you’re good of heart,

which reflects in all you do,

then the Angel of the Heather shall appear,

and she’ll sing her songs for you.

She’ll sing away your emptiness,

and smile away your fears…

and give you the gift of happiness,

which will last you through the years.


Now if you go, have a jar with the Murphy’s,

and some crack with the Driscoll’s too…

…and tell ‘em I love and miss ‘em,

and they’ll take good care of you.

And for every Irish smile you get,

be sure to give one back,

for that means more to them than gold,

and that’s a simple fact.

So when at last you leave her shores,

and her rolling hills embrace,

Just turn, tip your hat and pray….

and thank God for the Irish Race!


Chip Murray -’84

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Originalist vs the Globalist

What's "Going Down"?

What’s “Going Down”?

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died suddenly, mysteriously, and remotely on a ranch in rural Texas last year…and there was no autopsy. Scalia, often referred to as a “Lion of the Law”, was also the only “originalist” on the bench, which meant he regarded and was committed to every last letter of our Constitution as fixed in the firmament of human nature, as the North Star is in the firmament of the heavens…exactly as intended by the Founders.

Now take, in the sharpest of contrasts, a man like Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York. Governor Cuomo holds no such regard or commitment to the “original” intent of the Founders. Rather; his regard and commitment are for all things “Progressive” and thus free of the archaic chains of an old white paper, conceived by old white men, for an all-white world. In fact, he delivered a stunning and very public rebuke of originalism several years ago when he declared Conservative and Traditional New Yorkers “unwelcome” in his state. There is no doubt, if Jefferson were alive to tell you, that if Scalia was the Lion of the Law, then Andrew Cuomo is the “Artful Dodger” of it…and I wager that U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara knows it in the marrow of his bone.

There’s something else about Cuomo…something far more telling. His father’s guiding hero was St. Thomas More (talk about a lion and the North Star!). Andrew Cuomo’s is Niccolò “the end justifies the means” Machiavelli. True story. He issued copies of Machiavelli’s “The Prince” to his inner circle immediately upon taking office.

Now take these two polar opposite world views onto the context of the world stage. A stage that, by most all accounts, is highly contentious at best, and in tatters at worst. Divided seems to be the word of the day…wherever we look…from Brussels to Bangkok to Washington, our world has been divided into two teams; the Nationalist (Originalists) vs the Globalists (Progressives). What is quite remarkable in all this, is that the Vicar of Christ…the Holy See…the man who sits atop the Chair of Peter, Pope Francis has taken the side of the most unholy federation of fiends, perverts and misfits to ever set up shop. How can this be? Can absolute power corrupt so absolutely as this? And they almost had their absolute power…

I had lunch this week with two business colleagues I have tremendous respect for. Far from “Progressive”, I’m reasonably certain they both voted for Trump. Both expressed concern over Trump’s “bull in the china shop” method of governing. This suggested to me that neither of them have fully fathomed the significance of exactly who Trumps is, what he represents, and perhaps most importantly, the breathtaking scale of the global forces aligned against him…and US! Clueless, I’m sorry to say, is the perfect word.

I suspect President Trump is armed with something more damaging than his abrasive wit and personality. He knows something about them…about all of them. First they blamed Hillary’s loss on Comey. Then it was the Russians. I think it was the contents of disgraced Anthony Weiner’s laptop computer that provided the gateway into something darker and more nefariously evil than most of us can comprehend. It ties to the beltway powerbrokers’ pedophilia underground ring brought to the surface in “Pizza-gate”, which connects to the Clinton Foundation’s ties to Epstein’s Pedophile Island and sex-trafficking the victims in Haiti.

Forget about the moral confusion in the Vatican, of all places. We are watching a Man for All Seasons, a new Constantine in Donald Trump. A man who does not and will not “pay to play” is literally taking Washington and its media acolytes by storm. And they are all FREAKING OUT! How positively refreshing!

Unfortunately, most of us (my colleagues included) are unaware of what is really “Going Down” beneath the surface of things. I, being a patriot Oath Keeper, especially love #4:

4) Build a culture of non-cooperation with law enforcement. If you have any intention of working with the police, FBI, or other agencies; or if you publically condemn anti-fascists who break the law: don’t call yourself an anti-fascist. The cops will be Trump supporters; do not collaborate with them.

The 44th President of the United States orchestrates a “resistance” against the 45th President of the United States from his OFA bunker a few short blocks from the White House.

I fear for my colleagues. I fear for my family and friends. I fear for my county and all who fail to understand and comprehend the end of their means.

Hint ~ Antifa is NOT your mother’s sister who always had milk and cookies for you when you came to visit.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Restoration of “Right-Side-Up”

"Something awful fishy..."

“Something awful fishy…”

If you were to turn a sealed fish bowl upside-down, the fish would instantly adjust and continue swimming right-side-up. In January of 2009 Barack Obama turned the world upside-down in his “Fundamental Transformation” and a very interesting thing occurred. The pre-conditioned “Progressive” fish delighted in swimming upside-down, while the rest of us struggled to swim in an environment that grew increasingly foreign and hostile to us by the day. They kicked us out of fish schools because we made them feel “unsafe”, branded us as extremist whitefish, disinvited us to fish-fry’s, and passed laws that made swimming right-side-up illegal. The Fundamental Transformation was complete, and it was Global. The Progressive fish had their New World Order…

And then came November 8, 2016 and apparently, as in the UK, there were way more right-side-up fish than had been reported by the upside-down media; who’d simply had enough. They elected Donald J. Trump, and in less than a month’s time…he has turned the world right-side-up again. Here is where the story gets very, very, interesting.

The Progressive fish are still swimming upside-down! They’re in complete denial that the world is right-side-up again. Progressive “Law-Makers” publicly confess to their own law-breaking…while Progressive Fish School “Professors”  prove (VERY publicly) that the need for “Rubber Rooms” in public education is a very good idea after all!

This is the Sunday Morning Tune-up, so I need to bring it all home…When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his throne in heavenly glory. All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left. ~ Matthew 25:31-33 

At some point, even the more stubborn fish among us will realize there on the bed, that there’s something awful fishy about flying cows, witches on broomsticks, and men rowing by your window in bathtubs. And that is exactly where Navy Jack comes in! He has turned muddy brine into crystal clarity and re-oxygenated the water with the truth that ALL fish need in order to survive. His bottom line warning to all upside-down fish: You are doing the dirty work for the Globalists and will be cast aside the moment the battle is won or lost.” ~ “Insurrection!”

Please; friends do not let friends become Goat Fish.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Laugh or Cry, NOW’s the Time to Question WHY?

"I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore Toto."

“I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.”

Two of my favorite Progressives are Jerry Seinfeld and Geraldo Rivera. One makes me laugh, while the other makes me cry. They both make me scratch my head and wonder why. One is forced to flee his home in New Jersey because of “taxes”, while the other is forced to flee college campuses because of “political correctness”, and yet both continue to feed the hand that bites them! WHY? The only bigger head-scratcher than that is the WHY American Feminism has dumped the white heterosexual male to hop in bed with Islamism…there couldn’t possibly be more diametric opposites in any universe of galaxies. But then, we are talking the galaxy of Liberalism…far, far away. And there are people we love there, so visit we must.

Our first stop is a place called the Law of Love, #1 for a reason: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.” It sounds easy enough right? I mean He did create everything, and me along with it. Loving Him in return only seems fair, no? Except, we come to find, there’s this other side of the fence you see; One that has all these bright and fancy neon signs a flashin’ and a flickerin’ to beat the band, like cool heat dontcha know…real hard to look away. They call this side the Fact of Sin. Deacon Toner writes about the tension between the two sides in, “It’s God or the Gulag”. I recommend it…highly.

Next, it’s on to the Ground Zero-Fault Line-Epicenter of our Coming Civil War. Ten years ago, my best friend/soul mate and I held hands in the world we shared together. Today we are separated by another fence. This fence, ironically enough, was designed, built and installed by our nation’s first black president and first black attorney general. David Warren tackles this subject brilliantly in “On Race & Identity Politics”. I encourage you to give this a read as well.

We arrive at our third and final stop by closing our eyes, clicking our red ruby slippers together three times, and softly repeating to ourselves, “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. So one fine day at home in our Brave New World, we pick up our local paper. Mine happens to be the Warwick Advertiser. We open the February 3-9 edition to page 2. The headline “What Next?” followed by the sub-text “Local group hopes to galvanize the public for positive political, social and environmental action in Warwick and the region” catches my eye. A red flag pops up. I see the words “Sustainable Warwick”, “Community 2000” and “Democratic Committee” as the red flags turn to 5-alarm fire sirens. The group led by a Roger Moss hosted this What Next “discussion” which, as it turns out, is presented by CAN (Community Action Network). So I looked into them… YIKES! And then I paid a visit to Roger’s Facebook page……where I read “Should Warwick Become A Sanctuary Town?”…and I realize, these people don’t want to galvanize anything. They are the mindless foot soldiers for those who seek to turn our home into the very “Gulag” Deacon Toner warns us about. Roger Moss writes, “Because of this effort, we are now even better prepared to move forward with preserving our community’s values and keeping vigilant to guard against violence, intolerance and environmental problems.” I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Projecting the Positive

America's "Raging Fever"

America’s “Raging Fever”

“Each of us has a particular possession of light that no one else can have.”    ~ Oswald Chambers, Enthusiastic and Capable

The best way I can think of to describe American society at the present moment is to compare us to a very sick person with a raging fever. We are gripped in a sweat-soaked delirium as directly attributable to an outside contagion as malaria is borne by the Anopheles mosquito. I got this note from a fellow Oath Keeper named Randy the other day, Hoping to get active again soon, Still messing around with my divorce and my dad’s health.” And I wondered to myself how many of us are estranged from one another and battling health issues because of the incredible social tension that literally has one half of the country hating the other half…for reasons that do not exist…reasons that have been crafted as a narrative construct by those who seek to destroy the greatest system of government ever devised…a system where individual liberty, dignity and justice for all has existed as the envy of the world for over two hundred years. “A republic madam, if you can keep it.”, Franklin replied to the woman on the street who asked what they had come up with on that historic occasion in Philadelphia. I thank God they are not alive to see the mindlessness that has taken over that very same street today.

Speaking of the mindless, I read the saddest and most pathetic column in the local rag on the same day I read OK Randy’s note. I seriously doubt that the worst case of malaria or even dengue fever could do to the mind what “Progressive” education has done to the 32-year-old mind of Timothy Malcolm in his “Together We Can Demand Equality For All”, in which he writes “We smiled as we danced and sang. We sang for equal rights, sang for female identity, sang for climate change and gay rights, for our sisters and mothers and daughters, and everyone else feeling the pangs of injustice from a world suddenly foreign and unbelievable.”, while attacking the man who had just affirmed the will of the people by defeating the very corporatist-establishment beast these mindless robots are raging against in the first place! And then, as if to prove his own insanity, he commits a “hate crime” against himself by attacking his own whiteness!! “Look, I can never understand it. I’m 32, a middle-class white man. I’ve never endured hardship because of my identity. I’ve been privileged my entire life.” The only thing sadder to me, is the poor child who will rely on young Timothy Malcolm to show her the way…

I volunteer at a place called the Center for Hope in Newburgh NY. I spend a few hours every month with inner-city kids who don’t give a damn about the false flags of “equal rights”, “female identity”, “climate change”, “gay rights”, or the “pangs of injustice” suffered by some idiot stewing in his own pathetic brew of white guilt! Each one of these kids could write their own book on suffering. They just want someone to love them, hug them, and let them know their young lives matter. We sat in a “Circle of Power” last week and discussed their dreams, their fears, greatest accomplishments, deepest regrets, and…their special purpose…their own “particular possession of light”. I have come to love these kids as if they were my own…while Timothy’s ORCS are out destroying private property and creating chaos to demand the satisfaction of their own infant fantasies. Think about it…I am the white fascist fixing, teaching, healing and loving…while they are out hating, destroying and “projecting” their anger and resentment on to people like me.

I wanted to say to Randy, put your divorce on hold brother. Wait for this fever to break as all fevers eventually do. This is our calling, here and now, to respond to the unjust “projections” by living our own positive projections and providing the love where it is needed the most in our daily lives. Using the same deflection technique made famous by Aikido expert Steven Seagal, deflect their negative into your own positive with the heart of “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do” because many of them if not most, do not. And when we are forced to fight to defend ourselves and our families as I believe will happen, we are fighting the evil that has turned man to mindless orc.

Finally, having observed the propagandists poisoning our local papers and libraries over the course of the past 18 months or so, I realize it is time for us to put together some workshops of our own. Oath Keepers has just posted the first in a five-part series explaining what is behind the civil unrest that is about to explode into civil war. Please feel free to contact me for information on how we can help bring this program to your local community, where all the stakeholders can come together in an open and frank discussion on how we can break this fever and get on with living, helping, and loving one another…regardless of the color of our skin, and because of the content of our character as Americans.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ What it Means to Be a Man

The Graduating Class of the William Ayers School of Mayhem

The Graduating Class of the William Ayers School of Mayhem

While it may be tempting to saddle your parents or the politicians – not to mention your wife or husband – with whatever guilt you’ve got, the impulse is not a healthy one. And it will not ultimately satisfy. It needs to be resisted, because the buck always stops with the self. How right Chesterton was on the point. “What’s wrong with the world?” asked the editors of the newspaper he regularly read. He (G.K. Chesterton) replied: “I am.” ~ Regis Martin, O Blessed Box!

Underneath and behind most of the problems the world has ever known, are the same two brawlers only history seems to recognize. The rest of us fall for their many disguises time and time again. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather identify the right today than end up on the wrong side of history tomorrow…after all is said and done. Perhaps knowing the fighter’s names, knowing who they are, what they believe and what they stand for, will help us to choose our place while we still can. They go by the names Populists (us) and Globalists (them). So who is right and who is wrong is often the question best answered by the character in question. The torch of American Power was just passed by Mr. I, Me, Mine to Mr. You, Us, We…and the entire I, Me, Mine World from Cher to Francis is apoplectic over it. I believe the only first person singular pronoun in Trump’s entire inaugural speech was “The oath of office I take today…”, while the graduating class of the William Ayers School of Mayhem (pictured above) don’t seem all that interested in the Chesterton Theory of Accountability. So on the one hand, we have a Populist President who wants to return the power to us. And on the other, we have a Globalist named Lagarde (International Monetary Fund) who wants to buy it (us) back (out).

Before you decide, here is my personal account of exactly what personal accountability looks like, followed by the “complete report” from a man I would trust 100% with my life…as we did:

Yesterday was one of the most amazing days of my life. I spent it with a group of men, young and old (myself in the latter), who define what it means to be a man. We five NY and NJ Oath Keepers were part of a nationwide team of Oath Keepers mobilized by OK Founder Stewart Rhodes earlier in the week, after threats to disrupt the Inauguration and overthrow Trump grew to the level of “Serious”.

Our mission was to back up and support local military and police efforts in providing event security and civilian protection. Our “Intel” team had done a superb job infiltrating the four protest groups (ANTIFA being the most violent) so we knew exactly who we were dealing with, their tactics…hell, everything but their names and addresses before the event. And then, helped us to track them on the day of the event. We got down there late Thursday evening, hooked up with Stewart early Friday morning and were on the Mall by around 8:15 that morning. The first thing Stewart did was divide the six of us into 2-man “buddy teams”. I am honored to report that Stewart chose me…which is the first and only time I ever recall questioning (to myself) our Leader’s judgment!

During the course of the day, we connected with three more Oath Keepers from Georgia and Pennsylvania. The two from PA made us an 8-man team for the remainder of the day. Our #1 objective was to keep people safe. Unfortunately, we weren’t there when a Trump supporter wearing his red Trump hat at the Deplora-Ball the night before was attacked and beaten with a flag pole and hospitalized after leaving the event early…by himself. The only injury I’m aware of sustained on Friday (while we were there), was when the head of our “Intel” team (I’ll refer to here as NJ) got knocked to the ground by a stun grenade and lost his “favorite” OK hat. Unfortunately, as many of you have read, the rioting took a nasty turn early evening yesterday, resulting in police and civilian injuries as well as significant property damage. The only consolation I can offer is, that effective noon yesterday, we all have a new Sheriff in town!

We wrapped up close to 5pm and were treated to “Shelly Reubens” and cold beer by NJ before leaving DC. I want to personally thank NY Communications Officer Pete Norris for keeping us all “connected” on the ground, Matt McDonnell, Co-Leader of our Chapter (and driver), Bret Hamilton, Jason Wendell all from the Orange County Chapter, and Jim Breheny from the North Jersey Chapter for stepping up to “answer the call.” It was an incredible honor and privilege to spend such a historical day with you all. Thanks to NJ, and especially thanks to our founder and leader Stewart for bringing us all together. I actually believe America WILL be great again! God Bless America! “Complete Report”

You decide…the unaccountable cowards behind the mask, or the Navy Jacks among us?

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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