The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Passive-Aggressive Christian

When You Let Them S–t On You, They Will!

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:                                                                                                                                           2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;                                                                                                               3 A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;                                                                                                                                                       4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;   5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;                                                         6 A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;    7 A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;                                                                                                                                              8 A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.          ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Passive–aggressive behavior is characterized by indirect resistance to the demands of others and an avoidance of direct confrontation. ~ Wikipedia

I have a slightly different observation on the passive-aggressive where Christians are concerned.

The passive-aggressive Christian is characterized by the direct surrender to the demands of the Progressive Left in order to avoid a direct confrontation and/or risk offending those that are in the process of savaging, brutalizing, and destroying them.

If you’ve seen the Al Pacino movie Scarface, the bloody scene at the very end of the movie where Sosa’s army swarms and overwhelms Tony Montana’s compound is the perfect metaphoric visualization of Progressivism’s (Communism) destructive infiltration into a once strong and vital American culture. I have three recent experiences to share that will hopefully help to shed some corrective light…Remember that the Left is in lockstep & organized!

The Community 2000 “Trojan Horse”

The Marxist Principles are so completely antithetical to our “American way of life” they could and would never be applied or accepted by direct, above-board, open and honest means. So, pay close attention to groups and organizations popping up with “green”, “sustainable”, “community” catch words that appear to be for our own good. Nothing could be further from the truth! These are all fronts they use to pass through the community defense systems and build trust. They come bearing gifts…exactly as the ancient Trojans did. Behind the scenes they are working the soil, sowing the seeds of class warfare, along with the volatile mix of identity politics, envy, resentment and distrust. Here in Warwick they turned the April 20 Student Walk-Out into their own “Teach-in on Gun Control” as a voter registration event BEHIND the backs of the school administrators, supervisors, mayors, police officials, and THE PARENTS!

The “Progressive” Troll

In the very same week, two “Progressive” Trolls wandered onto the very revealing article Shorty authored for our Oath Keeper site, “What is Their Goal”. (scroll to comments) To the uninitiated and unsuspecting eye, Rich and DG appear to be nice fellows offering sage advice on how to avoid being played by those seeking to divide us. In reality, they are doing no such thing. In reality they are looking to muddy our waters and divide our ranks. To some degree they are successful to the extent Charlie questions my Christian values in how I dealt with their subterfuge.

The Wolf in Shepherd’s Clothing

Similarly, over at a great site for Catholic thinkers, Father Murray (no relation) put up a wonderful piece entitled “Of Truth & Idols” exposing the methods of a Pope whose reign has been tragically riddled with scandal, confusion and chaos surrounding his very words and deeds. Please link to Facebook at the bottom of the article and scroll to the most recent comments to find the exchange between my self and Francis-defender Mark Mallett. How clever the devil must be to cause us to disown our own senses and continue our grazing ever closer to our own slaughter.

Ann Barnhardt captures the “Nature of His (Devil’s) Game” in her usual brilliant fashion (MUST READ). And Zero Hedge puts up a great piece illustrating the important lesson of the day:

The Wolf NEVER Plays Fair!

“Forced unity does not create peace, it creates conflict. Oppressive inclusiveness tends to escalate until a movement ends up devouring itself.”

We are in the fight for our lives brothers and sisters. We had better start acting our part…soon!

Blessed be the Lord, my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.     ~ Psalm 144:1


Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Bitter Pill of Modernism

Modern Man

Modern man is a prisoner who thinks he is free because he refrains from touching the walls of his dungeon. ~ Nicolás Gómez Dávila

“We’re born to die, but don’t know why or what it’s all about
And, the more we try to learn, the less we know.
Life’s a very funny proposition, you can bet,
And no one’s ever solved the problem properly, as yet;
Young for a day, then old and gray,
Like the rose that buds and blooms, and fades and falls away.
Losing health, to gain our wealth, as through this dream we tour;
Ev’rything’s a guess and nothing’s absolutely sure.
Battles exciting, and fates we’re fighting, until the curtain fall;
Life’s a very funny proposition, after all.” ~ George M. Cohan

The mind, as with life itself, is like a field. The more we work it the better it grows. There is perhaps no place on earth that illustrates this better than standing in the lush green of the Golan Heights and gazing on the arid deadness of unkempt land that is the Lebanese and Syrian borders. Sometimes we need to lift ourselves out of this world to see it more clearly. From here I was able to see and contrast four key turn-of-the-century men from the last century with their counterparts from the present:

Henry Ford > Jeff Bezos                                                                                                                  George M. Cohan > Robert De Niro                                                                                            Pope Leo Xlll > Pope Francis                                                                                                          Teddy Roosevelt > Take Your Pick: (Clinton/Bush/Obama)

If by magic I were able to bring us all together into the same room and have you observe them each side by side, you would be shocked by the “Golan Contrast” without them having to utter a single word. In Bowie’s Modern Love he sang “there’s no sign of life, its just the power to charm.” History has recorded Roosevelt as the man’s man greater than life itself and will leave the memory of Barack Hussein Obama in the dust heap from which he sprang as nothing more than an empty snake charmer, and deceptive beta-male. What Roosevelt built up and united, Obama tore down and divided.

I want to explore this in greater detail, but first I’d like to give you the perfect inside look at the state of modern man that presents itself to us on the stage of actor/activist James Cromwell’s Facebook page on Friday. We had a little dust-up in Warwick over the Student Walk-Out you see. The drama involves a “has-been” movie star, a good mayor, a spineless mayor, Cultural Marxists masquerading as a community service organization, a wonderful police force caught in the middle, our local chapter of Oath Keepers, and our children the pawns. WARNING: Foul Language Alert ~

Henry Ford was no saint, but Henry Ford was a great American. Henry Ford, like Teddy Roosevelt and George M. Cohan, wore the love of America on the very sleeve he rolled up to help make her the greatest and most prosperous nation on the face of the earth. Anyone unable to feel the awe of her greatness, majesty, and splendor in Cohan’s words and music…is unable to hear. Bezos and De Niro, by comparison, dated America, took from America, and then cheated on her to gain the world…which brings us to the question of morality.

I hope some of you younger folks might take the time today to study these great men from our past in a little more detail. There is a wonderful Netflix Ken Burns series on The Roosevelts I encourage all of you (Matt) to enjoy. Although Pope Leo Xlll was not an American, he was the Italian shepherd of the Faith for more than ten million Catholic Americans who wrote “Not only, in strict truth, was marriage instituted for the propagation of the human race, but also that the lives of husbands and wives might be made better and happier.” His present-day counterpart, author of the head-scratching Amoris Laetitia, is leading the flock that has now grown to 70.4 million off a cliff and into the fog of moral oblivion…announcing on the very week we celebrate our Lord & Savior’s sacrifice for the very salvation of our souls, that souls in the state of mortal sin do NOT go to Hell, but rather simply “disappear”.

The photograph above is the view from my bedroom window looking out on the very same sun rise through the exact same lens of stained glass that my Great, Great Grandfather saw it through so very many years ago. When you read the comments on the Cromwell Facebook page, you are actually glimpsing the soul condition of so many young men and women who have so tragically and perhaps unavoidably swallowed the pill of modernism. Most of the readers of my weekly post know the guaranteed antidote exists. What none of us know, is how many will be fortunate enough to find it and take it in time.

Warning to all parents ~ There is a Community 2000 and a Roger Moss in your neighborhood that comes bearing gifts. BEWARE!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Red Wave

The Red Wave Brain Trust

“How do you define ‘hate speech’ Mr. Zuckerberg?” ~ Sen. Ben Sasse

“um, er, uh…” ~ Mark Zuckerberg

Commu-                                                                                                                                                  In political and social sciences, communism (from Latin communis, “common, universal”) is the philosophical, social, political, and economic ideology and movement whose ultimate goal is the establishment of the communist society, which is a socioeconomic order structured upon the common (collective) ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money and the state.

nism-                                                                                                                                                         a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.

Looking back on the America I grew up in, I am realizing how Communism in its infancy was kind of cute…like little baby dragons. How romantic and tender it was, with flowers in our hair and the music of Pan stirring our souls. But the cute baby grew up to be Smaug…not so romantic anymore. No more flowers, only the threat of the greatest fire the world has ever known. Just the other day, I was thinking about childhood friends through the years on into adulthood who I have loved and lost…all swept away by the Red Wave.

Communism, once a national or regional disease, has become a global disorder invited by the “mental disorder” known as Liberalism. It took root here in the U.S. back in the late 30’s as the Frankfurt School of Marxist thinkers forced to flee the growing Nazi threat in Europe. They found a welcoming home at New York’s Columbia University. Every twisted perversion of our Judeo-Christian Culture and Constitutional Republic can be traced back to this…infection. It’s an infection that enters the body by way of seduction really. Why tie one’s self up with all of this silly, outdated rigid and restrictive Judeo-Christian mumbo jumbo of creeds and rules, when one can truly free one’s mind and body? I will tell you as a young teenager growing up in the “counter-culture” 60’s under the harsh rule of an overbearing task-master father, I bought into the seduction hook, line, and sinker.

But here dear friend is our saving grace. Grace is the gift from God we truly do not deserve. In our American DNA, there exists a very important something that’s hard to define or describe. It’s a combination of things that include common sense, courage, hunger for truth, and true justice. If I had to sum it all up and give it a term, I’d call it a BS Meter. Sadly, judging by the attitudes and expressions on college campuses, it appears the younger generation has come poorly equipped. Any number of them on any given day can be found signing petitions to freely relinquish their God-given Rights. Our generation rebelled against top-down government and institutional authority. Theirs is begging for it! That dear friend is the devastating power of the Red Wave.

When the dragon was just a teenager himself, we were blessed with great men who knew how to handle him. President Reagan steered our Ship of State, and the man who knew the dragon 1st hand, Pope John Paul ll, led the Catholic Church. The dragon was effectively contained. But the disease introduced into our cultural bloodstream by the Frankfurt School advanced beneath the surface, attacking our immune system and making way for the most philosophically un-American President ever to occupy the White House…and to compound the disaster…the most un-Catholic Pope to ever occupy the Vatican. The Red Wave grew into the present day Global Tsunami.

Early last year a group of us Oath Keepers attended a Village Board meeting to support our local police after the local Red Wave Society demanded the Blue Line be removed because they found it offensive to the other Red Wave offspring known as Black Lives Matter. The Red Wave Mayor was naturally sympathetic to their demands and had appeased them BEFORE the meeting by transforming the Blue Line into a red, white, and blue line. The Red Wave met the Patriot Wave and completely disintegrated there in the Village Hall…as all lies eventually do. The Blue Line was restored.

The disease has fully metastasized as a global Corporate/Communist/Islamic mutation that seems to want WWlll. What I saw as a Globalist Kristallnacht struck the United States and Europe last week, setting the stage for the Final Act. Springtime, usually the time of birth and renewal, began with the launch of 100 missiles. Yesterday I marched with 500 of my brothers and sisters in Albany as part of the National “Stand Up For America” Day. We surrounded the office of our Red Wave Governor with chants of “Cuomo’s Got To Go”! The truth is I don’t know where he will go. The fact is none of us know where any of this goes from here. If you’ve ever found yourself body-surfing under a huge collapsing wave that pounds you into complete disorientation, that is what the crashing effect of the Red Wave seems to have on us at the moment. What we do know is that one of us has put his faith in man, and the other his trust in God. Time should tell…it always has, and it always will.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Religion & Politics Taboo

The Silence of the Lambs

Man naturally loves liberty and detests slavery as a shameful yoke. It is natural that the employee should obey his employer; the soldier, his officer; the sailor, his captain; the child, his parents; the pupil, his teacher; for in these cases the yoke is honorable. It was also honorable for Regulus, the Roman general, to return to Carthage, there to endure painful captivity and death, for his country’s sake. But there is no slavery more base and disgraceful than that of a man who regulates his religion, his conduct according to another man’s caprice; who inwardly approves what is right, but has not the courage to do it; who condemns in his heart what is evil, and yet does it, because others also do it; who clearly sees his duty, but dares not perform it, lest he thereby displease his boon companions or does not meet the approval of those whose favor he seeks. ~ Fr. FERREOL GIRARDEY, C.SS.R. in 1915. Read the rest here.

It’s been said that the devil’s greatest trick is fooling us into believing he doesn’t exist. I not only believe this to be true, I believe he inspired the “R&P Taboo” (The two things you never discuss at cocktail parties, etc.) as the single-most effective tool that helped him disappear. There is absolutely nothing that effects and has affected our lives more than the policies, actions, and inactions of Church and State, and yet somehow for the past two generations, we’ve been sold on the idea that these are areas we should not feel completely free and comfortable in discussing. In fact, we’ve been conditioned to believe such conversation to be off-limits and anti-social. How is this not the worst censorship…a self-imposed censorship?

“The greatest fight in the country is censorship.” ~ Roger Stone

It seems the sixties liberated us from just about everything except the freedom to discuss what needed to be discussed, and debate that which needed more clarification and direction. Its as if we ordered a curtain of fog upon ourselves. What could possibly go wrong?

“If I could tell Republicans one thing it would be stop negotiating with evil.” ~ Mike Adams

I believe throughout history the greatest nations, cultures, and societies are put to sleep in stages. 1- Self-Censoring (R&P Taboo) 2- State-Censoring (Twitter, FB, Google, MSM) 3- Criminalize Truth and Truth-Tellers.

There could be no second stage without the first, and no third without the first two. This dear friend is why we have never lived in more dangerous times than these. We are late stage three, and I’m sure most of us understand what comes next. Well…certainly the all-important (lll) some.

There is, was, and always will be only one exception to the most earthly absolute of all; “Power Corrupts. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.” There is only one shining example of flawless, pure loving and merciful top-down rule in this world, and it comes from out of this world…it is ONLY found in the Rule of God.

God is the first and most important part of the R&P Taboo as the R. For the P we come down to the earth to find Politics (Polis) “Affairs of the Cities” to find the most antithetical belief system to God running the show: Communism (Devil). From San Francisco to New York, Washington to London, and Brussels to Rome, the devil is in charge. Make no mistake about it. Hence the “Taboo”…since there is no way the Devil assumes power in a wide open “Arena of Ideas”.

Because of the R&P Taboo our K-12 is saturated with the same Communists, who according to Malia’s Black Book are responsible for deaths of 85-100 million people, telling white children THEY are responsible for the deaths of millions, here

And because the “Affairs of the Cities” in Europe had no 1st Amendment to contend with, the R&P Taboo rapidly became razor wire, turning chivalry into crime, and self-defense into something politically incorrect, and socially unacceptable. Far, far too many Americans have yet to feel this Red Wave lapping at their feet. How is this possible? Because, it would seem, we are either “Born Again”, or we are put to sleep. There is no in between. Happy middle is the head-fake we give ourselves.

Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name…                                                                           But what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game.

Enter Dr. Clifford N. Alford. I discovered Dr. Alford in the comment section of “Born Again”. You can click on the hyperlink above and scroll down to find him. I was curious about the “goddess” he claimed the Christian church stole from, so I did some research and discovered what John refers to as the “spirit of the antichrist”.

You have to give the devil (Left) his due for placing the “Dr.” before so many, many names of those who actually harm the very people they purport to care for. Notice in the comment section how Charlie, to his credit and in his kindness, seeks to help Dr. Clifford. Now consider the spiritual value of Charlie’s intention alongside the intention of Warwick Working Together Facilitator Beverly:

Hello Friends,

            I want to make you aware of our next Community Conversation, Bonds and Boundaries (Red FlagNotice how those opposed to the Border Wall are concerned with dialogue boundaries.): Looking at Our Communities.  In this second conversationwe will explore how our common life is shaped by the ways that we come together in groups. Americans link up with each other in so many ways. Sometimes geography brings us together in a neighborhood or town. Sometimes we come together through organizations or institutions. Sometimes we choose the groups we belong to; sometimes they come with birth or shared history.  Learning where and how people connect also reveals where they don’t connect. Communities or groups create bonds and boundaries, insiders and outsiders.  When people don’t feel welcome or comfortable, when they feel they’re being cut out or threatened, it affects the spirit of the entire community. (Red Flag – SJW/Snowflake/Safe-Space Language.) Learning how our actions or attitudes affect each other will prepare us to imagine what it would take to create a better life together.

Now, compare these intentions to the message from those who were seeking to invade our Southern Border this past week:

“By uniting we can abolish borders.” I’d say that’s pretty clear intention…how about you? The literal invasion and intended destruction of Western Civilization; the direct consequence of removing our Watchtowers (R&P Taboo) and choosing the yoke of Human Respect over God’s Love. “Where can so despicable a slave be found?” Just about every bathroom mirror in America, I’m sad to say.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Born Again

Spiritually we never grow old; through the passing of the years we grow so many years young. The characteristic of the spiritual life is its unaging youth, exactly the opposite of the natural life. “I am…the First and the Last.” The Ancient of Days represents the Eternal Childhood. God Almighty became the weakest thing in His own creation, a Baby. When He comes into us in new birth we can easily kill His life in us, or else we can see to it that His life is nourished according to the dictates of the Spirit of God so that we grow “to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.” The mature saint is just like a little child, absolutely simple and joyful and gay. Go on living the life that God would have you live and you will grow younger instead of older. There is a marvelous rejuvenescence when once you let God have His way. If you are feeling very old, then get born again and do more at it. ~ Oswald Chambers, Unaging Youth

In Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, he captures the powerful and glorious victory on Calvary quite brilliantly. As Jesus Christ has finished His mission, taking on the weight of all unto the last of our sins upon Himself and commending His spirit, the camera becomes the single tear drop from the Father falling onto the work of his Son…and finally contrasting the spectacular light of Easter with the dark torment and pure anguish of the devil in his darkest hour.

So, this past week we witnessed three very interesting confessions from three very prominent Catholics. We have the two in New York; one who sadly acknowledges the “abandoning” of Catholics by the Democratic Party, and the other who proves his point by moving to expand the Murder of Innocents. And a third in Rome, who says of those who murder the innocents, “They are not punished, those who repent obtain the forgiveness of God and enter the rank of souls who contemplate him, but those who do not repent and cannot therefore be forgiven disappear. There is no hell, there is the disappearance of sinful souls.”

I don’t know about you, but I grew older reading words that read like the epitaph of humanity itself; the death of love…the death of the human soul. Look about you dear friend and tell me, what do you see? Look at the faces and into the eyes of we the people in our off-guard moments of quietude, the spaces between the burden of keeping-up-appearances we all slosh through. I see, in the New Jersey business complex of office spaces where I work, people aging before their time. From the outward appearance…the drained expressions and sluggish body language of the followers of the lie, to the ghoulish features and characteristics of the leaders of the lie. Study the portraits of the top Progressives alongside their Conservative counterparts and you will find my point very hard to argue. President Donald Trump is aglow with youthful energy and enthusiasm. Hillary Clinton, barely able to bathe herself, is being held together by a team of doctors, pharmacists, and (reportedly) a steady flow of alcohol and medications. The “Moral of the Story”? Lying (sin) kills the body slowly, day by day, piece by piece.

Oaths are made to God. There was a time when there were more Oath Keepers than Oath Breakers…we were so much younger then, we are older for that now. The founder of Oath Keepers just seconds ago texted me, “Easter is a good day for personal renewal and hope.” When enough of us realize the truth in his words, turn away from those telling and selling the things we want to hear, and begin living with purpose for the light, love, and truth of life…we will be young again as a blessed part of the great raising. Trust me when I tell you, it beats the Hell out of the alternative. Please join us in Body and Soul.

Wishing you and yours, a glorious Easter Sunday…bask in the smiles of your children.

And because Jesus is risen, there will be another resurrection when he returns at the end of the story—the first securing the second—the great raising of all humanity for the final chapter, the final resolution—where all brokenness is repaired, all evil is vanquished, and all beauty is restored. ~ Gregory Koukl, The Story of Reality

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Purpose Under Heaven

Not On Our Watch!

Wisdom gives strength to the wise man more than ten rulers that are in a city. Keep the king’s command, and because of your sacred oath be not dismayed; go from his presence, do not delay when the matter is unpleasant, for he does whatever he pleases. For the word of the king is supreme, and who may say to him, “What are you doing?” He who obeys a command will meet no harm, and the mind of a wise man will know the time and way. ~ Ecclesiastes 7:19, 8:2-5

Dedication: Good Morning Dear Friend. This blog dates back to my very first post on November 22, 2010…the 47th anniversary of JFK’s assassination. This was the moment in my life when I realized there was something deeply and profoundly wrong in our world, and that hunting that something down was the most important thing in my lifemy purpose. Today’s SMTU is dedicated to the selfless courage and determination of the countless men and women who have sacrificed cherished relationships, position, prestige…in some cases, their families, homes, and fortunes, all for the sake of truth, honor, country and God.

What kind of a farmer ignores the fox and weed?

  • The weaponization of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA and the IRS against the American People.
  • The campaign against the American People by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
  • The targeting and censorship of the American People by the Social Media Giants.
  • The betrayal of the American People by the Main Stream Media/News Networks

…The “highest level of Christian Persecution/Genocide ever.”

I’ll skip over the particular weed/fox that is our public education system for the moment. To my mind in most cases, sending our children through the public education system is more a reflection of our laziness than anything else. It’s like feeding our kids McDonalds Happy Meals because we’re too lazy to cook…except unhealthier. But it is clearly something that needs some serious reform if we are to have any kind of future worth living.

What kind of shepherd abandons his flock?

For the idols speak delusion;                                                                                                            The diviners envision lies,                                                                                                               And tell false dreams;                                                                                                                      They comfort in vain.                                                                                                                    Therefore the people wend their way                                                                                              like sheep;                                                                                                                                          They are in trouble because there is                                                                                                  no shepherd. ~ Zechariah 10:2

“Between 2006 and 2016, suicides by white children between ages 10 and 17 skyrocketed 70%; while black children are less likely than white children to kill themselves, their suicide rate also jumped 77%… There seems to be a crisis of meaning taking place in America. And that crisis of meaning is heavily linked to a decline in religious observance.”  BECAUSE THERE IS NO SHEPHERD!

Now, you may be thinking that you personally know good farmers and some very good shepherds. I myself am blessed to know and count these folks as my friends and once-upon-a-time-neighbors. And I was baptized hardly more than a mile from the farm last year by Pastor Craig Adams right here. In fact, dear friend…they would be my neighbors to this day were it not for the fox and weed.


We are all farmers in this life, which binds us all to the solemn duty to protect our property as well as our freedoms. How free are any of us if we can’t protect these things? We may believe we are doing these things and fulfilling our purpose as Life Insurance professionals. Few people in this world do more to protect property and individual freedom than a good life insurance salesperson. But how protected was property, and how free were the people in Hitler’s Germany, or Stalin’s Russia, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, and Chavez’s Venezuela? They all had good life insurance salespeople. The fact is that we would have fallen into Clinton’s America had it not been for the countless brave men and women who were faithful to the kind of purpose I am talking about this morning.


Ecclesiastes refers to the king’s command. There are good kings and bad kings. History’s known far more of the latter. Xerxes LIVES! Xerxes IS the bad king…the “god king”…

“‘The new technique and ideology of government is aimed at creating (societies) without an identity,’ Kövér said, asserting that ‘both ethnic majorities and minorities’ are being targeted by an ever-expanding ‘global government…They want to strip people of their religious, national, family, and even sexual identities, so that they are no longer able to recognize, express or enforce their own interests,’ he asserted. ‘Potential colonists will occupy the minds of people and communities to be captivated.’”

How do you know the good king from the bad? When the king is good the whistleblower is rewarded. When the king is bad, the (Seth Rich) dies. Good King Leonidas says to the hunchback who betrayed him, as he prepares to die, “May you live forever.”

It’s been more than thirty years since the wolf and the winter cold. And now, as then, it is not fear that grips him, only restlessness. A heightened sense of things.

Purpose…A heightened sense of things…

My command and purpose as a Christian is to love as my King loved. Imagine loving each other as He loves us. It is impossible to love on this level and abide the lies and deception we have, I’m afraid to say, grown quite accustomed to. Yesterday’s “March For Our Lives” was an elaborately staged lie by the very same global elites…the Xerxes Kövér is warning us about. Let it be our wake-up-call to the purpose God intended. They are coming with everything they have to take everything you have.


They may have disarmed my children, stripping them of their wisdom and discernment while I slept. But they will never take my right to defend them now that I am fully awake and engaged.

The test of Truth is the revelation of the Son of God in me, not as a divine anticipation, but as a delightful activity now. ~ Oswald Chambers, The Context of the Bible

Change A Life, Give A Bible

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Get Thee Behind Me (LGBT)!

Why No “Walk-Out-Protest” of This?

But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men. ~ Matthew 16:23

I’m sure by now that most of you have figured out that the Sunday Morning Tune-up is nothing more than a summation of the week as experienced by a man who has realized things about himself and the world around him…a Christian “Chronicle” if you will.

On that note, I suffered the displeasure of reading this very disturbing piece of what I refer to as Red Journalism in our Communist Chronicle, “Should Schools be Required to Tell Parents About Bullying?” I pause to blink my eyes three times, shake my head twice, and read again. How is this even a question? On the third read, the LGBT I originally mistook for a sandwich (Leafy Greens Bacon Tomato), was actually the acronym for politically active sodomites. So, let me get this straight. The school I fund with my tax-dollar is going to defer to the politically active sodomite strangers (PASS) who’ve never met my kids over the two people who brought them into this world, know them better, and love them more than anyone on the planet?

How upside-down we’ve allowed our world to become on so very many levels. I covered it in the SMTU on Moral Virility two weeks ago in which I observed our “New Age Terms”…but I left out a real beauty… “Microaggressions”. “If a train leaves New York going west at 60 mph, and a train leaves Chicago going east at 70 mph, how many microaggressions will the conductors commit before the trains collide?” I wonder how much it cost the parents to send their kids to Pomona College to take a course entitled “Decolonizing Physics”? How does one measure the cost of destroying both mind and soul? But I digress…

As God was the foundational source of our Rights as declared and enshrined by our founders in our Constitution, He was also the foundation of our public education system:

  1. Let every student be plainly instructed, and earnestly pressed to consider well, the main end of his life and studies is, to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life (John 17:3) and therefore lay Christ at the bottom, as the only foundation of all sound knowledge and learning.

…and the soundest of all ~ “The reaffirmation that sex belongs only in the context of marriage between a man and a woman.”…if a society is to survive and thrive. So, going back to the disturbing Chronicle article and its connection to Matthew 16:23. Jesus had just revealed to his disciples God’s plan for Him to suffer, die, and be raised to life…which ran completely contrary to their expectations of an earthly kingdom. Peter rebuked Him for being “fatalistic”. In other words, Peter is unwittingly speaking for Satan in putting the things of man before God’s plan. This is exactly what is happening in our schools. And it is going to get much, much worse before it gets better. Parents who love and care for their children would be better parents by sending their kids to live on the streets before exposing them to the present horrors of public education.

In this same week, I happened to catch Hitler’s Inner Circle on Netflix. In perhaps the most gruesome example of what happens to a society that has removed God from the public education and promoted the things of man. Magdalena “Magda” Goebbels first sedated and then poisoned her two children with cyanide because she could not, and they “would not live in a world without nationalized Socialism.” And I thought to myself, how is it possible for the human mind to become so enslaved to an ideology it could move a mother to kill her own children…and of course I shuddered at my own calloused acceptance of the Roe v Wade death toll.

Now brace yourself for this…most of you reading this with kids in school know they participated in the 17-minute walk-out this week to protest “gun violence”. I have two questions for you. How many kids are shot each year in America? How many kids are kidnapped, tortured, raped, and murdered by these monsters, and these demons every year in America???


With progressive liberals taking the defense of pedophilia, suggesting that it’s a victimless crime, even going as far as trying to normalize the demented behavior of pedophilia, it’s one of the most important battles in the culture war.

We’ve developed a plan to take back the Public Square from the Nationalized Socialists in Warwick. We’ve entitled our series of public discussions Common Sense Warwick. We just held our second program this past Wednesday, “School Shootings vs. Our 2nd Amendment Rights”.  I encourage you to make time to watch this and share it with people you care about. What you will observe is a room mostly filled with what Madam “Almost President” referred to as deplorables making logical, historical, and factual arguments in defense of their God-given Right to defend themselves and the people they love. You will also observe two lovely “Progressive” Liberal women who, like so many of their ilk, have detached themselves from reality. You will see it in their body language and their expressions. You will hear it in their words…void of love.

If I had one last warning for them and the many souls like them, it would be the line from King Leonidas in 300.

See old friend, I brought more soldiers than you did.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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