The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ On Homosexuality

Ephialtes’ Shame

The golden rule for understanding spirituality is not intellect, but obedience. If a man wants scientific knowledge, intellectual curiosity is his guide; but if he wants insight into what Jesus Christ teaches, he can only get it by obedience. If things are dark to me, then I may be sure there is something I will not do. Intellectual darkness comes through ignorance; spiritual darkness comes because of something I do not intend to obey. ~ Oswald Chambers, Obey God

“It makes no difference to me…” were six of the most damaging words to Western Civilization ever uttered by comic celebrity, relaxing the truth of sodomy into a joke…sin into the acceptable. The writers of Seinfeld made America laugh with homosexuality when they wrote it into the script of that episode…greenlighting a mass exodus from the one essential ingredient that keeps societies together and strong…moral character. Within thirty years and following the murders of four Americans in Benghazi, a political celebrity totally void of moral character would actually ask the Congressional Investigators, “What difference does it make?”

While Truth can be made to be unpopular and unfashionable; unlike most everything else in this world, it cannot be made to change from what it is. And the Truth of everything that is happening all around us is that the Devil rules this world, as God has allowed. The greatest human struggle WE ALL find ourselves in at this very moment in time, whether we care to admit it or not, is the battle between the Devil’s lust for One World Order (Globalism), and man’s God-given right to freedom (Nationalism). The modern-day Sodomite is Ephialtes the hunchback in 300. The 300 is the true story of the three hundred Spartan warriors led by King Leonidas, who made a final stand against thousands of Persian invaders led by the “God-King” Xerxes. Denied a position in the warrior “chain” by Leonidas because of the deformity which made it impossible for him to raise his shield, Ephialtes became the puppet of Xerxes and betrayer of Leonidas in this, the scene of his very seduction.

Within 5 minutes of the SCOTUS ruling on “Same-Sex-Marriage” in 2015, every Fortune 100 & 500 Corporation, most of which are Multi-National Firms ran the exact same celebratory rainbow adds. They are the modern-day Xerxes’ army led to the secret pass by Ephialtes, now wearing the uniform of a Persian soldier; status and credibility granted by Xerxes. So many of us standing on free soil, living free lives, and breathing free air for so long…like my friend who casually remarked, “That ship has sailed” in his acceptance of the SCOTUS ruling…had no idea the ship was the foreign armada conqueror, and we were the conquered.

I really meant it when I wrote last week that I wasn’t sure whether Western Civilization was worth saving. Or, maybe “worthy of saving” is putting it better. Two weeks ago, I described the abortion industry as our own national holocaust. It just so happened that a Liberal Jewish friend’s wife passed away two weeks ago (which I was unaware of when I wrote about the holocaust), and the family is asking for donations to Planned Parenthood in memory of the deceased. What has happened to us? I’m sure if you make the check payable to Baal, the bank will honor it. Of all the needs in our world, who asks for donations to kill innocent life? Xerxes is alive and well in the body of the NY “Catholic” Governor who wants to increase the offering to Baal, and separate the living ones from God, “Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order last year barring insurance coverage for conversion therapy for minors, and he also prohibited state mental health facilities from offering it.” The Democratic Party…the very same political party that booed God on the floor of their 2012 Convention, and its Modern Liberal Base, fully supported by the Globalist/Corporate Media Complex would have NO constituency at all, were it not for abortion and homosexuality…the dual altars of modern Feminism/Liberalism. This is what the “Caravan” is marching to? Totally lost on the marchers and most Americans is the fact that they are being used to turn America into the same Hell-hole they are fleeing!

What does the Church have to say about all of this? Well, interestingly enough, as the Caravan invades what’s left of our Western Civilization, the one remaining institution that has stood the firmest for the longest as the defender of Life and Marriage, on the heels of the Irish surrender, amidst a creepy silence over the McCarrick scandal, is preparing its flock following the Youth Synod (Sin-Nod), to accept the LGBT Caravan.

“Inclusion” may be the greatest lie ever told. It was never about inclusion. It is all about submission and totalitarian control. Freedom-fighter Brigitte Gabriel stunned the audience and silenced her Muslim detractor a couple of years ago, after the woman stood up and berated her for her work exposing the growing Islamic threat to the West. “The vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving people.” She exclaimed. “You are right,” Brigitte calmly replied, “and the vast majority are irrelevant because they are silent.” …which goes directly to my point from last week. Evil will always go where it is invited…and nothing is more welcoming than silence.

Where is Truth if none dare speak it when it matters? Who will defend it when I’m gone, if I chose not to do so on my watch? To defend Truth is honorable, to give one’s life for Truth is Honor itself, and the greatest act of love. To betray it is shame, the conscious and willful separation from God. Hell. Truth cannot be killed. Look on the faces of Leonidas and Ephialtes in this powerful scene and tell me which one lives, and which one dies: The Cost of Freedom

Love the sinner, hate the sin are six words that need to be fully understood as the antidote to the poison invited by the six words I opened with. Anyone can avoid conflict with the sinner by accepting and approving the sin. It takes courage and love to point out his/her sin to them in this depraved culture. As long as we draw a breath, no matter what horrible and wretched actions and crimes we may be guilty of, we are loved by an amazing God…who wants heaven for us, and hates the very thing that separates us from Him. If you ever get the chance to hear Mike Baglione play and sing Amazing Grace, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Righteous Anger and the Evil of Silence

The Wolf Is At Your Door

“Speak the truth in a million voices. It is silence that kills.” ~ St. Catherine of Sienna     “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

I honestly wonder sometimes if Western Civilization is worth saving. I read earlier in the week that France was refusing to honor a French police officer who gave his own life to save a woman from Muslim Terror…for fear of offending Muslims. WHAT??? In this same week, America-loving Proud Boys defend themselves (effectively) from America-hating Antifa in NYC, and Gov. Andrew “America Was Never Great” Cuomo puts out an APB on the Proud Boys! WHAT??? (Hundreds if not thousands of Trump supporters have been assaulted, insulted, beaten, banned, fired, censored, divorced, and chased out of restaurants in the past 22 months since Trump took office.) Then, also this week, there was an old friend living in California who shares the story of a friend of hers who was attacked in an elevator for being a Trump supporter. When I described the Left as having become a violent and un-hinged mob on her FB page, one of her friends took me to task, defended the indefensible, and suggested I take up gardening. WHAT??? But the week was not over. Soros Orcs hit a new low in Portland Oregon this week…when they assaulted a 9/11 Police hero’s widow. I hesitated to show you this, but we need to know the monsters. Extremely Foul Language Alert Finally, this horror scene in Denver is what our silence has invited: Extremely Foul Language Alert Anyone noticing a pattern?

While these atrocities are occurring, our country is being invaded by thousands of UN-directed military aged males across our southern border! WHAT??? Yeah, you heard me…every word and syllable, the truth. The Globalists are collapsing the 3rd World into the West by design and malicious intent. Hundreds of Islamic Jihadis have already been discovered in the mix and detained.

The question I have about any or all of these events is this: Who knows? Who cares? Are they discussing any of this around the water cooler at work…at home…in church or social events? I’m starting to see more of a discussion on Facebook, after an effort was made to redirect attention back to latest pictures of the kids, vacations, and fish caught.

As a man who has always had the knack for learning his lessons the hard way, I have finally learned how to kneel to seek His will for me in a world that stopped making sense years ago. And two things have become crystal clear to me. First, I see His hand in all these terrible events through the eyes of Habakkuk. I understand the transformation of Elisha, and the parable of the buried treasure. But I also understand in the deepest fiber of my being, that I was not made to be silent, afraid, or willing to accept the unacceptable.

Last week I went out one night by myself to get a bite to eat at local restaurant and happened to run into two old acquaintances, one of whom was a fairly close friend years ago. The other was not really a friend per say, but we had met over lunch a couple of times and I had helped him promote a book a few years back, and recently texted him a resource to help with his latest. The two of them, along with a friend of theirs’ were as cold as fish when I pulled up a chair. The friend awkwardly had to introduce himself. NEWSFLASH: Speaking truth boldly and unapologetically, in a culture poisoned by Political Correctness will cost you friends and opportunity. The good news is that truth is like the ultimate wheat winnower, separating grain from chaff…and opportunity from salvation.

I understand the need to play it safe in times such as these. Some of us have more to lose than others. But I also understand the cost of silence and the many, as St. Catherine points out, it has killed over the centuries. And the many more here today who will not be with us tomorrow because, on the whole, we have been conditioned to become the Eloi. At least sheep know the wolf is not their friend.

Finally, and I thank God for this…I am angry. But it is not the me-anger that has gripped my former friends on the Left. It is a righteous anger…the with-God-anger that empowers me. I pray you and yours to receive your heavenly dose as well. And, God willing, may it be soon.

Any man would have known without His coming that it was wrong to take life, the law is written in him; any man would have known that immorality was wrong; but no man apart from Jesus Christ would believe that “my right to myself” is the essence of sin. ~ Oswald Chambers, The Very Essence of Sin


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Our American Holocaust

The Democratic Platform

The pangs of death surrounded me, And the floods of ungodliness made me afraid. The sorrows of Sheol surrounded me; The snares of death confronted me. In my distress I called upon the Lord, And cried out to my God; He heard my voice from His temple, And my cry came before Him, even to His ears. ~ Psalm 18:4-6

This is the weekend those of us who’ve hitched their wagons to the Leftist Culture of Death hope you stay home and watch Modern Family reruns, rather than take your sons and daughters to see the movie Gosnell…playing in limited locations because the Leftist Culture of Death carries a very well-funded and tax-subsidized big stick. TCT’s Brad Miner reviews Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer here

After reading Brad’s review, I believe actually seeing this movie will be an experience akin to the moment the allied liberators viewed the horrors of the Nazi Death Camps for the very first time. Think very carefully about the question I am about to ask you. How is it that the very same American Baby-Boomers who grew up with the horror of six million innocent lives murdered by a mad man implanted in our brains, have no horror, sympathy, or remorse for the 60 million (and counting) murdered by their own mothers?

Remember Raging De Niro’s movie, A Bronx Tale? Well here’s An American Tale for you to ponder. The epitome of the “Great American” raises his family; loving wife, two sons and two daughters during turbulent times, doing his best to impart the right values to those he loved the most. The two daughters grow up to find themselves pregnant, and choose to abort their pregnancies. Years later and years apart, the two girls, overcome by drugs and alcohol addiction, check themselves into the very same rehab center in Tucson Arizona…long after their loving father has passed away. Both of them on the other side of their 30-day treatment come out with a claim that they had been sexually abused by the same loving father…who was no longer able to refute the claim. The sons and the mother were caught between the desire to support the sisters in their pain, and the fact that none of them had ever seen the slightest hint of anything that would support their claim.  But who were they to contradict or challenge the “experts”.

Last week reliable sources linked the Kavanaugh accuser to the CIA and its mind control techniques and programs. During a radio interview dissecting the Kavanaugh accuser I heard Rich Lowry say, “Hypno-therapists are notorious for creating memory.” And it hit me like a ton of bricks as I thought about the family in the American Tale. I kept seeing the images of raging #MeToo feminists clawing at the Senate doors…the irrepressible anger and hatred streaming all across the internet, and I couldn’t help but wonder how many of these poor souls were treated with the same false memory implants. Oprah made her millions by providing millions of women suffering from the emotional pain of their abortions a path to absolve themselves of their own guilt, while providing the psycho-witchdoctor industry its sacred pedestal of credibility! Or, as Karlyn Crowley put it best, “The Oprahfication of American Culture. Ms. Winfrey excelled at offering spiritual alternatives to the mainstream religions.”

The American Left and Right are at war, no differently than the opposing sides in WWll…except for the fact that there have been no bombs and bullets…yet. And we are 23 days from D-Day! Imagine how many lives would have been saved if Hitler’s “Final Solution” had been discovered before he ascended to power. Hitler may be dead, but his “Brown Shirts” are very much alive in ANTIFA. And his killing machine is planning to “Super-Size Efforts On Abortion”

Bring your sons and daughters to see Gosnell, and vote for Life on November 6th.

Please support the Campaign for Working Families HERE

And help us help each other HERE


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Friends on Facebook

What are friends for?

He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harms. ~ Proverbs 13:20

A friend (,when you are) in need, is a friend indeed. What are friends for? Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. Friends are the family we choose. Friends of (name the politician). And perhaps most appropriate for these times in which we find ourselves; With friends like these, who needs enemies? What does the word friend even mean anymore?

Like so many words today, the word friend doesn’t necessarily mean what it meant years ago…as I am finding out now that I am back on Facebook. In last week’s SMTU I wrote about the steady stream of angry and bitter vitriol flowing from my “friends” on the Left, targeting Brett Kavanaugh, his wife, and their two daughters. I posted my observation as such, which led to my exchange with a life-long-friend, in which she denied being a Liberal while proclaiming her “unequivocal stand with the Left”…all in one day. Disagreement on issues is one thing, but “unequivocally standing with” those who want you dead is something altogether different. In this back-and-forth I explained to her that I loved her but could not call her a friend because “words matter…truth matters.” Her next comments triggered (pardon the expression) today’s SMTU. She said, “Un-friend me then.” To which I replied, “(Friend)…Facebook connection does not constitute actual friendship.” The very next day on her public page she admitted to having been deceptive and confessed her real identity as a “proud Liberal”. I’m guessing she was pressured to do so. After I responded that we needed to be honest with one another, that we’ve become a house divided, and asking her how any American could be proud of any ideology or institution that supports those who mask themselves and attack people with bats and bike locks, or censors, bans, and demonetizes good and decent people simply for expressing their political opinions and beliefs…she “un-friended” me.

This experience has brought me to realize a very important truth. Liberalism has become as antithetical to our Constitutional Republic and our precious American way of life as Communism and Sharia…with one glaring exception. Unlike Communism and Islamism (Sharia), we as “Traditional” Americans are in an abusive relationship with Modern Liberalism because the abuser is always the one with the power. Communism and (Sharia) covet Liberalism’s power, but do not possess it…yet. Liberalism controls most all of our cultural institutions…which is exactly how and why character-assassination, double-standards and hypocrisy have become their standard operating procedure…with ZERO repercussion. Only the most insecure self-loathing people would ever enter into such a relationship, let alone remain in one.

As the Kavanaugh accuser’s credibility is crumbling into the dust, the truth of her crime and the crimes of those who sponsored her are exploding into one of the most catastrophic miscalculations in political history, transforming Bret Kavanaugh from the brink of nomination, to alleged sex demon, to “folk hero”, and the likely dashing of the Democrats Mid-Term hopes. There are more than a few, like myself, who believe the Left will become even more violent when they suffer defeat in the Mid-Terms. David Carlin writes, “All this is terrible. I console myself with the thought that the assassinations have not yet begun. Only character assassinations (witness Brett Kavanaugh). God help us.”

Yesterday was a remarkable day in America. Being back on Facebook provided me with a glimpse of us I would have otherwise missed. There was a little back-and-forth exchange between my more Conservative and Liberal leaning friends as the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh drew to its rightful conclusion. After the many internet high-fives and virtual beer mug toasts, I had a moment of reflection. I decided to message an old Liberal friend who has been quite the dogged antagonist over the past 10 years. In it, I expressed my wish to have my friend back…like we were before…before a third party divided us. And a hope that the America he and I grew up together in, is big enough for both of us. Jefferson and Adams healed a far greater rift than ours to become friends again. Real honest and true friends…to the end.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Sheepdogs For Jesus

One cannot be both friend & wolf.

“Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle;…” ~ Psalm 144:1

One could argue this is a pre-Gospel sentiment. On the other hand…

This past Thursday was the ugliest day in our nation’s history, in my humble opinion. Back on Facebook as Paul Murray after 8 years away, I posted this on my wall; Eight years ago, I got off Facebook. I had a friend convince to come back on which I did two weeks ago. I found my friends on the Right happy, caring, and sharing. I found my friends on the Left bitter, angry, and expelling. Yesterday I watched the latter devolve into a monster…a mob thirsty for the blood of a man. Innocent or guilty, you didn’t care. It’s not Judge Kavanaugh who needs our prayers…it’s you. My post received the responses you’d expect. My friends who lean to the Right welcomed me back, while my friends on the Left took umbrage. One of them who I love as a life-long friend messaged me privately, explaining her position, making her case, and affirming our friendship. I replied, “(Friend), we are at war. You need to pick your side. Know that I love you.”

As I mentioned in last week’s SMTU, I am in the middle of writing “Life After K****a” as my daily book-like letter to an “old flame”. In yesterday’s Chapter 12, I recounted my transformation from wandering singer-songwriter to Oath Keeper, as a pivotal moment of realizing my purpose and self-identifying (forgive the term) as a Sheepdog. Because I do believe, as Chris Kyle’s father taught him as a young boy, “There are three types of people in this world: sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs. Some people prefer to believe that evil doesn’t exist in the world, and if it ever darkened their doorstep, they wouldn’t know how to protect themselves. Those are the sheep. Then you’ve got predators, who use violence to prey on the weak. They’re the wolves. And then there are those blessed with the gift of aggression, an overpowering need to protect the flock. These men are the rare breed who live to confront the wolf. They are the sheepdog.” All three were on display around the events in Washington on Thursday. Soros’ Wolf PAC looking to devour the Kavanaugh name and family. The Senator who finally found his inner Sheepdog, Lindsay Graham. And the many, like my Liberal friend, who’ve taken the side of the Wolf…as disturbingly ironic as that may seem.

And the ravenous wolves are circling the flocks in both Church and State my friends. Rev. Jerry J. Pokorsky writes in his recent article Thinking the Unthinkable, “People, priests, and bishops need not shrink from the obligation to defend the Faith.  We should consider it a privilege: Since we have the same spirit of faith as he had who wrote, ‘I believed, and so I spoke,’ we too believe, and so we speak.’” (2 Cor. 4:13) Although I appreciated Rev. Pokorsky calling attention to the letter of the law, as it were, I felt there is something of great importance lacking in our social fabric at all levels. And so, I commented:

Effective “Leadership” doesn’t get the column space it deserves here. Would love to see Robert, David, Fr. Schall, or any other of the great TCT writers tackle it here. Because I believe it goes to the heart of our Church crisis. If one really thinks about football coaches, army generals, and popes; one should realize that the team mission of the first two is winning, while the team mission of the third is surrender…losing ourselves in Him. But aren’t the qualities of good leadership the same in all three? I had lunch with a Catholic millennial yesterday. I should preface this with the question, “is this person Christian in name only?” Which of course, I did not ask him. But he surprised me, as a young Conservative, by telling me he thought the Pope was doing a “good job”. We’ve all heard the arguments to support his view…which I did not attempt to change. But I did make a mental note that he was not around to experience the Lions of Leadership like Lombardi, Patton, or Leo Xlll, or the timber of a Fulton Sheen. These qualities are depleted in us the way nutrients are lacking in poorly managed farm land. Although I would argue that we see them in President Trump…who hired ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis. How blessed would be our Church to see these qualities restored? I can feel your laughter here, but I am serious. Good leaders are followed, but great leaders inspire devotion and sacrifice. The #1 quality of effective leadership is integrity…I’ll leave you to judge whether or not it exists in the present hierarchy.

Warring as a soldier and warring as a Christian can seem at odds with each other, but a willingness to do so in both arenas is absolutely essential to the survival of our Western Civilization. Good pastors fight to keep the truth and spirit of the Gospel alive in times like these. It’s important to realize that warring doesn’t necessarily imply physical engagement. We can battle just as effectively by writing a Letter to the Editor, as we can by standing up against Antifa at Free Speech Rallies. It’s a matter of our individual calling. Some of us, like myself, may choose to do both. Very interestingly, since I’ve learned how to defend myself from physical attack I haven’t had to. I believe there is a psychic aura we exude when we possess confidence, intention, and determination. You can see these things in the eyes. You can see fear in the eyes as well. Bullies look for these things, as do wolves. Many if not most who have threatened me for standing up, have turned out to be more jackal than wolf when their bluff is called.

My old friend thrust the dagger through the heart of our life-long friendship with the following words, “I stand with the Left unequivocally.” Unfortunately, she is unable to see that the Left/Right relationship has moved into the realm of war where coexistence is no longer possible because she has affixed herself to an ideology that forces the rest of us to deny natural law, order, and the fundamental truths in life. The Left loves the idea of coexistence because they have relieved themselves from intellectual accountability, and they’ve become addicted to setting and following their own rules…and bullying others to do the same…for our own good of course. And for far too long, my friends on the Right have played along, keeping their heads down, unwilling to challenge their increasing demands.

War seems inevitable here. The Sheepdog-in-Chief has shown us how effectively he has managed to keep the wolves at bay. The question is, are there enough of us willing to follow his lead, realize our true friends, call the spade a spade, and return to truth in the Word?

‘I prefer peace, but if trouble must comelet it be in my time that my children may know peace.’ ~ Thomas Paine



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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Turning Point & True Love

Home Again

Then comes something equivalent to the forty years in the wilderness, discouragement, disaster, upset, as if God had ignored the whole thing. When we are thoroughly flattened out, God comes back and revives the call, and we get the quaver in, and say, “Oh, who am I that I should go.” We have to learn the first great stride of God—“I AM WHO I AM HAS SENT YOU.” ~ Oswald Chambers, Getting into God’s Stride

In last week’s SMTU I shared the story of my having been personally attacked by a person in the online comment section of a local paper, who chose to do so from behind the pseudonym “Hypocrite”. The attacker took his best shot, below the belt, and challenged me to explain myself. I replied by providing this shadow of a man with the link to “Just Another Day in Shadowland”, and my personal invitation for him to ride with me and my fellow Oath Keepers on our hurricane relief mission, where I would be happy to answer him face to face. You will not be surprised to know that shadow did what shadows do…he faded into the shadows.

I have reconnected with an old flame after 38 years. I am enjoying the remarkably cathartic experience of writing “Life After K****a”, feeding her one chapter at a time. I think I’m on Chapter 8, which is the first chapter in Part 2, entitled New Earth…the beginning of our “transformation” in 2008 at the hands of a Great Pretender, and my own transformation from wanderer to socio-political activist. It’s remarkable how crystal-clear life becomes in retrospect. Weak men do create hard times. Shadowland, as it turns out, is FULL of weak men. I have to say, I think I have her hooked. How could she not be? Stephen King could not have dreamt this life we are living. What makes men weak? You guessed it…good times. Generally speaking, and this goes for most all of our Western Civilization, we Baby-Boomers have lived the good times. Well, in 2008 as the Reverend Wright himself said, our chickens were coming home to roost.

Now one might say, here in 2018, that these past ten years haven’t been so bad. The markets are fully recovered. Business has been pretty good. Most of us are living pretty well. But these are all physical indicators tracking material things. How are we doing emotionally and psychologically? How are we feeling about our lives and our relationships with one another? Because I will share with you another indicator that provides the answer to my last question. It’s called the drugs and alcohol indicator. I don’t know about you, but to me, if person has money in the bank, food on the table, and a roof over their head, and is miserable most of the time…that is hard time. And we as a society are doing hard time. We just prefer not to allow ourselves to admit it. And the weak men in high places who brought us here, want us here…to stay. But what can an honest person say about a society that accepts record market highs, and record low unemployment on one hand, and record homelessness on the other, other than it is probably a society destined for the shadows of time.

I believe we are living a pivotal moment in history. We can choose to believe that it is ourselves that choose to reconnect with one another after 38 years, or something in ourselves that brings us back to old friends after 8 years…or we can accept there is something greater than ourselves that wants us back. Yesterday I attended a Reclaim New York, Owners Bootcamp with approximately 65 of my fellow New Yorkers from all over the state. We learned the importance and power of seeking the “Why” in our fellow man when we are looking to build relationship and community. When people tell you what they do, they’ve shared little. When they tell you why, they’ve shared the most important part of themselves. And there was a speaker from Texas, who shared his personal Why, which floored me because it is the same as mine; hunger for the Truth. There is a purge in both Church and State that will turn our world right-side-up again. By the grace of God, there is an Alpha Male Sheepdog in the White House. The super halogen light of God’s justice is shining on the wolves in shepherd’s clothing. And, in perhaps the greatest expression of true love in our time, the men are coming back to take their rightful place in the “New Earth”…

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Just Another Day in Shadowland?



Jesus Christ’s attitude is always that of anti-self-realization. His purpose is not the development of man at all; His purpose is to make man exactly like Himself, and the characteristic of the Son of God is not self-realization but self-expenditure. Spiritual selfishness must go—am I prepared for it to go? ~ Oswald Chambers, Spiritual Discipleship

I was personally attacked recently in the comment section of a local paper by a person using the pseudonym “Hypocrite”.  I don’t believe in pseudonyms because I think they drain what we have to say of character…literally. In fact, I only write the Tune-ups as Shutupnsing as a tongue-in-cheek poke at those who wish I would do so. I make no effort to conceal my identity. My friends as well as my detractors know who I am and where to find me. This was not the first such attack, but they are always from followers of the ideology I love to cover, reveal, and expose for the systemic fraud it happens to be…Modern Liberalism, some might call Progressivism.

Ordinarily, I would not share with you the nature of my past transgression which the attacker used for the purpose of hurting, silencing, and/or embarrassing me. But it is crucially essential to this morning’s message, which I believe most if not all my readers will understand and hopefully appreciate. I hope and pray that Hypocrite will read what I have to say and take it to heart. In one of the recent SMTU’s I referenced Psalm 51, David’s full-throated mea culpa moment…quite possibly the greatest come-to-God moment in the history of man. The only difference between David’s sin and my own was that I did not send my Bathsheba’s husband to the front line to be killed…but my actions hurt him just the same. I destroyed a family eighteen painful years ago. The point in sharing this with you goes to the heart of Chamber’s quote above. In fact, it was pure unchecked spiritual selfishness that drove me to do the unthinkable. Years later my pastor diagramed a triangle he used for counseling couples struggling in relationship. The top point is God, and the bottom points are you and I. You and I may or may not be successful in drawing closer together on our own line. But we can only grow closer when we draw ourselves closer to God. I guess you could say it is one of the few guarantees in this life. It was a major light-bulb-moment for me because as much as I loved her, I loved her for me…it was about how she made me feel. When we draw nearer to God we learn to love through God, as God loves…which, as Chambers points out, is exactly what God wants for us. By the grace of God, we (the husband and I) were able to be together in the same space for the sake of the kids growing up…which says a lot about the man he is, and the point of today’s SMTU.

This was my response to Hypocrite, “So sad to be you…all you have is personal attack and intimidation. You aren’t even man enough to do so as yourself. You are a cowardly shadow. Try being a man sometime…it’s good for you. We act…we fall…we learn…we get up and try to do better. Shadows are too afraid for any of it.”

More importantly, shadows are the reason our world is upside down. Bill Clinton’s impeachment was a pivotal moment in history…quite the opposite of David’s Psalm 51 moment. Clinton single-handedly removed the socio-political stigma associated with lying and made it an art form. The Clintons with the help of MSM became a hugely successful shadow factory, casting shadows onto virtually every level of Church and State, turning our entire world into one global shadowland in less than forty years! The criminals in Rome, untouchables. The criminals in Brussels and the UK, untouchables. And the criminals in D.C., untouchables. Instead, people who get too close to them get suicided…Bourdained, if you will. Or they get de-monitized and banned…Jonesed, you might say. Meanwhile we little people are at each other’s throats on the verge of something more ugly than you can imagine…none of this is possible in a world where men act, fall, learn, get up and try to do better. But Shadowland grows darker instead of brighter, and the untouchables more so BECAUSE too many of us refuse to act, fall, learn, get up and try to do better…preferring instead, the comfort and safety of the anonymity behind a computer screen.

God wiped the slate clean for every single one of us through the blood of His Son on Calvary. Psalm 51 is the complete surrender of David’s knowing and accepting what we as Christians find in our heart-of-hearts, in our own broken hit-the-wall moments…not by the sword…not by threat or intimidation…not by fear of losing…but voluntarily of and by our own free will.

So, imagine…

Instead of responding to shadow attacks with counter-attacks or simply ignoring, what if we were to offer them a life-line…a way out of the shadows and into a healthier and more meaningful place? As it turns out, speaking of voluntarily, Cajun Navy Relief has asked for us (Oath Keepers) to provide security for their relief efforts in North Carolina. We are heading down there on Tuesday or Wednesday as soon as we can get in there. We need volunteers. Our Orange County Chapter will muster in the Newburgh area. Our team leader is retired NY State Police who lives in NC six months out of the year with reliable contacts with the NC authorities. The Cajun Navy have established a CO for us to accommodate basic needs (showering…and showering) Go HERE to learn more and contact me at to join us. Remember, its them needing us today. It could be us needing them tomorrow. Prayers would be much appreciated! Nothing works on dissolving the shadows in our lives as effectively as prayer.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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