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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Liberal Repentance and the Prodigal Son

One of the most common mistakes we make is thinking of sin as merely a legal matter. That is, that it sin is only about breaking a code of laws and rules and righteousness about conforming to them. But to … Continue reading

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The Day…and the People Who Lived in Infamy!

On December 6, 1941…we were a people preoccupied with our toys and movie stars living in an isolationist nation still hung over from a Great Depression. On December 7th, we awoke to tragedy, destiny and greatness as one nation under … Continue reading

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The Political Retardation of Celebrity!

What is it about the elixir of celebrity ambrosia that separates the drinker from reality in almost all who drink from its cup? From Sting’s immortal “Obama was sent from God.” to Matt Damon’s classic rejection of the notion that … Continue reading

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